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Jay Ashcroft (r) [2021 file photo]

This morning:

Jay Ashcroft @JayAshcroftMO
62 school districts in Missouri are closed, leaving thousands of parents without the choice for what is best for their child. That is unacceptable. Keep schools open and the right to decide what is best for the family for the parents.
10:31 AM · Jan 29, 2022

The stupid, it burns.

“…That is unacceptable…”

If you buy his crap you’re as stupid as he is.

Some of the responses:

And keep local control so school boards and local leaders can decide what’s best for THEIR communities without fear of being sued by the state and wasting taxpayers’ money! Deal?

Not gonna happen.

Perhaps protocols that would prevent sickness that forces teachers and students to stay home from school would be sensible. Can you think of any?

Uh, like wearing masks, promoting vaccines, contact tracing, quarantine?

There is not enough staff to keep them open. Kids are sick. This has nothing to do with parents rights. So tired of the gaslighting. The virus did not go away just because Parsons said he was done with it.

Why are the schools closed, Jay?

Why are 62 school districts closed?

Take a wild guess.

My goodness, you might mention they’re closed because teachers and staff are ill. This has nothing to do with ‘parents not having the choice’, it has to do with a pandemic. This is the most idiotic tweet I’ve seen in months and you’ve had a lot of competition.

Jay Ashcroft really is that stupid.