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Last night:

Ann Wagner @AnnLWagner
Parents matter.
8:34 PM · Dec 10, 2021


Some of the responses:

Even parents sitting in nursing homes staffed with unvaccinated nursing home staff? Do those parents matter to you and your fellow Republicans?

Which parents, though?

The anti-mask, anti-vaxx, anti-DEI, anti-common decency, pro-using their kids as political props and causing harm to others in the process. FYI

You only matter to Ann if you’re gonna vote for her and support her bullshit agenda. Otherwise you don’t mean shit to her.

Hi Anne. Missouri parent here [….]. Going out on a limb and saying that the safety of our kids and educators matter more than a bunch of parents making threats and throwing temper tantrums.

There were online threats at my kid’s school this week. In your district. As a parent I had to come up w an answer when my daughter asked will they be ok/what if their school is next. Do parents of kids living w the trauma of daily gun violence matter? [….]

Hi Ann…mom (Parent) and grandma here. My family matters. My granddaughter matters along with her mom and dad( Parents). All of our safety and health matters but it seems the only ones that matter to you are the ones screaming , harassing, and threatening others. #FauxProLife

Teachers are parents, Ann. Do they matter?

Stop being dishonest. Parents have always mattered. When we as teachers would send home emails asking for parents help. They mattered. When we ask parents how can we assist them. This is not parents mattering — this is about controlling a narrative. Shame.

Parents have always mattered in my teaching experience. It’s why year after year we teachers long to see many of them at parent-teacher conferences, and the ones who need to come the most, don’t. We’re not the sacrificial lamb, the culprit, or scapegoat for your lack of policy.

Teachers in my district are being harassed by parents. Do they matter Ann?!

Apparently maybe? If they are also parents? Really, we know she’s saying only certain parents matter.

Ok,but there’s tornadoes and stuff.

Wow, Ann. Excellent tweet. You really nailed it.[….]

Question. Do kids matter? Does they’re health and safety and education matter?

I’d love to chat with you more about this. When will you be holding a town hall meeting?

Hi, check the weather app and see the tornado stuff all around us, including injuries and damage. Not now with your BS. [….] Try to be relevant once in a while.

@AnnLWagner so what’s your point? That they can harass bus drivers? That they can harass teachers? Why don’t you do your job and support constituents instead of fanning false flames for once.

I wonder how many of those parents attend parent-teacher conferences on a regular basis? How many attended the school board meetings prior to Covid? I bet the teachers can tell you.

Do all parents matter, or just some?

So do people’s lives. Probably more.

False narratives matter.

While you tweeted this, all of your constituents were in [their] basements for a tornado warning. Out of touch or what?

Oh c’mon, you can pander harder than that. Let’s hear some baseless threats, a conspiracy theory, communism, anything?

Possibly Ann Wagner’s stupidest tweet ever.

So far. Just give her time.

“Take cover” would have worked.

Ted Cruz (r) flew to Mexico for a vacation during a weather crisis in his state. You, Ann?