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From Bri Murphy:

Last year on Christmas Day, Peter and I drove out to my parents’, where my mom had set up a distanced gathering for us on their front porch. We sat down and she brought us blankets straight out of the dryer to stave off the unseasonably cold (for Tennessee) temps in the low 20s. We sipped on hot cocoa and nudged gifts across an invisible dividing line of safety. The pandemic made for a truly strange holiday season, and it’s likely the understatement of the century to say it was hard for everybody.

Even though things aren’t back to normal, even though we still have uncertainty swirling, even though many of us are still riding waves of grief, many of us are going to be able to travel and spend time with family, whether blood or chosen, this year. This song is about renewed joy and hope, and about the impossibly radiant feeling of going home, especially when you haven’t been able to in a while.

Sending this out into the universe today with the warmest of wishes for everyone’s holiday season.

Written by Bri Murphy & Peter Ferguson
Guitars, BGVs, B3/Wurly: Peter Ferguson
Piano: Reed Pittman
Bass: Zach Witcher
Drums: Kyle May
Mixing and Mastering: Bobby Ferguson
Album art: Bri Murphy
Recorded at Plant City Studio, Nashville, Tennessee