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Eric Schmitt (r) [2021 file photo].

Eric Schmitt (r) [2021 file photo].


Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
COVID has taught us again and again that The Left trusts government while Conservatives trust real people.

The Left believes the command and control elite ruling class in DC is all-knowing. Conservatives believe people can assess the facts and make their own decisions.
5:42 PM · Dec 6, 2021

In praise of ignorance. Really?

Some of the responses:

Look at who is dying from covid: those who “make their own decisions.”

Public health be damned.

If it were air planes falling out of the sky Eric, you’d be touting that flying was still safer than driving!

At those numbers, SIX+ planes are crashing on a daily basis. If that were really the case people would take notice, we’d mobilize to stop this, why is COVID different?

And where are the most people dying per capita?

See graph above.

So then by that logic we certainly shouldn’t trust you Eric.

Lots of unvaccinated dead people have proven the second part of that incorrect.

My doctor isn’t part of the government… you’re doing too much [….]

Word salad.

“Real people”. So not you?

Umm…no no no.

It’s not a left or right issue Eric, it’s a global issue, a pandemic with serious consequences for not following the science. Folks like you in the GQP have polarized the issue because you are sore that TFG lost the election and is no longer @POTUS, period.

So the government isn’t made up of real people? Are you a lizard person conspiracy theorist?

We believe in Doctors and scientists. We listen to their advice on EVERYTHING healthcare, because that is supposed to be who you trust with your healthcare.[….]
You are literally mad at Democrats for listening to healthcare professionals. [….]

Eat shit, clown dick.

The Left trusts people who actually studied immunology & viruses, while the right believes a pod cast host & a pillow salesman.

The last decade has taught me there are good people in gov’t & there are people creating chaos they hope to use for personal gain.

You sir are in the latter group as evidenced by your focus on stoking culture war w/o solutions. Do your job – stop trying to get the next one.

Yeah, I’m going to take the word of doctors and scientists over that of any schmuck with a YouTube channel.

A worldwide pandemic is not a political issue. Stop trying to make it one. People are dying for goodness sakes. Sheesh. Bad politician.

Catastrophic stupidity.

So that’s why all those anti-vax anti- mask people are dying of Covid?
You might want to try Google before exposing your abject ignorance.

But…you’re government…so I shouldn’t trust you? I mean, you’re a dipshit of a human anyway so I already don’t.

Man fuck you

My mother always told me to respect authority you fascist pig.

You are an idiot

Here we are.