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Yesterday in southwestern Missouri:

Steve Edwards @SDECoxHealth
Hospitals have required employee vaccination for decades. A patient should expect not to be exposed to a deadly disease while in the hospital.

At our final deadline, 64 out of 12,500 employees, 0.51%, chose not to comply with our policy and were discharged.

We are safer now.
9:52 AM · Nov 23, 2021

Just a few of the comments:

Retired nurse here. Employers during my entire career required annual TB test, Hepatitis B titers & if it was low, boosters, childhood immunizations. Was tested for HIV, had mandatory physicals, etc. Would never want to be endanger my patients.

As a nurse I’ve taken multiple required vaccines or had blood titers drawn to prove immunity as a condition for employment. I’ve always known that goes with the territory, protects me, my patients, and my coworkers. And decreases sick time. Why the protests now?

Thank you for doing the right thing by your employees and your patients. Mandatory vaccination is not a new concept in healthcare. I have had vaccinations, titers, repeat vaccinations, more titers, and I never took it personally. Or politically. It’s a job requirement. Period.

Get vaccinated. If it’s time, get boosted.

And while you’re at it, wear a damn mask.


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