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He’s not the driest pie in the pasture, is he?

Jason Smith (r) [2021 file photo].

This morning:

Jason Smith @JasonSmithMO
Like meat? Too bad, cause this bill taxes cow farts, costing farmers and ranchers over $6,500 per cow. This is the DC Democrats’ message to rural America.
9:53 AM · Nov 23, 2021

Some people never got out of junior high school.

One answer:

The Heartland POD @TheHeartlandPOD
Know how we know that? 5 minutes of research. 5 minutes. Politicians like @RepJasonSmith tell lies like this because they are willing to bet that folks won’t do that 5 minutes of research. But we will. Here are a few links on this issue.
12:59 PM · Nov 23, 2021

Methane Fee In Build Back Better Act Would Add $250 Billion To U.S. Economy, Cut Dangerous Climate Pollution (October 26, 2021)

No, the Build Back Better bill does not include a methane tax on livestock (November 12, 2021)

There you go.