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Vicky Hartzler (r) [2021 file photo].


Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
Who is being hit the worst by inflation in Biden’s America?

Hardworking middle Americans.
8:52 AM · Nov 18, 2021

That’s a loud dog whistle you got there.

“Middle Americans” don’t live in Pennsylvania, or Wisconsin, or California?

Some of the responses:

How did the Child Tax Credit hurt hard working Americans?

Is expanding broadband in rural America hurting rural Missourians?

In the meantime, what is your solution?

For those that do not have access to the complete WSJ article that the graphic above comes from, they reference COVID recovery, supply chain issues, and shortages as the cause for the inflation. Again, the President’s name is not mentioned there once.

Your estimated maximum net worth is $15-million (2018). You took PPP funds to “keep the farm employees paid”. When you were critiqued about it, your only response was “it’s not illegal”. While that is a true answer, it proves you don’t deserve the professional position you have.

How nice of you to highlight that the states under GOP Rule are struggling in every way possible.
By the way could you list for us (anything) you have accomplished during the decades you have been a government employee?? I didn’t think so. #HartzlerIsWrong4MO

Maybe if they didn’t just tell “hardworking middle Americans” they needed to sacrifice their health and livelihoods during the pandemic and keep the spread going, this wouldn’t be happening. But you know, blame is your game. Not solutions. [….]

Not sure that someone who’s paid $174k a year to mean tweet is an expert on hardworking Americans.

I mean, I see states that have predominantly GOP legislatures that have resisted any federal intervention in this economy are being hit the hardest. There may be an exception or two but not many. I don’t think that’s a coincidence.

What exactly have you done to help? It’s a rhetorical question because you haven’t done squat

Who is being hit the worst from the GOPs 2017 tax giveaway to the top 1% ? Hardworking middle class Americans like most of your constituents. As well as the debt the GOP rolled up that they are now concerned with.

And, despite what you may think, tweeting about it will not solve it.

It’s all she can do. She cannot do anything outside of a photo op without permission.

Gas prices are down, jobs are up, market is up, port congestion is easing, and someone needs to educate Vicky on that fact that inflation is being impacted on a global level. Hartzler should just stick to her little meetings with Gosar, Greene, Gaetz, and the other traitors

What do you mean by Biden’s America. Are you not an AMERICAN. Or are you a QTrumplican.

Hasn’t your solution in the past to those hardworking Americans was to pull themselves up by their own boot straps? While you took hundreds of thousands in taxpayer dollars.

There’s that.

Funny, lots of other countries are having the same shortages and record increases.
That tells me, you’re an ignorant, uninformed, myopic jerk,
and you’re prone to tell lies.

There’s that.