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Eric Schmitt (r) [2021 file photo].


Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
The broke, woke, corporate media editorial boards are enraged that as Attorney General I am seeking public records on how public officials formulated their tyrannical Covid responses.

I was reliably told — dEmoCracy diES in DarkNEsS. #NoMaskMandates
4:22 PM · Nov 18, 2021

What an asshole.

Some of the reponses:

Last month I filed a sunshine request on your travel expenses for 2021. I was told it would arrive by today. It still hasn’t arrived yet. Do I need to file a lawsuit against the AG’s office?

That’s so funny. Why don’t you comply w the Sunshine Law that you’re being sued for?

“I know all the words that trip Republicans.”

The irony of this tweet is Eric, we might not have even noticed it or used it as a source because Editorial pieces are opinion most of the time. However, as the author laces in so many facts, it is fairly detrimental to you. I personally like the quote:

“Schmitt, like any other citizen, has the right to view those public records. But making a show out of demanding them, as if they’re some kind of smoking gun that he’s gallantly exposing, is almost as silly as his China lawsuit.”

What’s next? Shouting at the moon? Go on now!

Interesting timing.

Honestly you seem exhausting

Perhaps if you did actual work instead of nothing but pandering stunts for your campaign we’d believe you. However you have cried wolf and tilted at too many windmills for us to believe you any longer. Your credibility is so low you could only impress. (that’s an insult FYI).

Over 12,000 dead Missourians and you want still more of us to die. What a sick sociopath you are.

Don’t be like Eric.