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Governor Mike Parson (r) [2018 file photo].

This afternoon:

Governor Mike Parson @GovParsonMO
Mandating masks for vaccinated individuals is sending the WRONG message to Missourians.
1:05 PM · Aug 12, 2021

Some of the responses

I’m vaccinated and welcome a new mask mandate!!!! Maybe try asking the vaccinated individuals what they really think!

With so many on your side of the political spectrum dissing both vax and masks for months now, we fully vaxxed folks cannot TRUST unvaxxed to mask up. Children are at risk. Need mandates to get these selfish anti vaxxers to do the right thing.

So what message is the right one? That you’re admitting that you haven’t learned a god damn thing? That you’re probably making a ton of money the longer that Covid goes?

You’re the human version of a participation trophy.

You’re going to ruin the lives of so many people including children.

10,000 Covid deaths in Missouri and you recently bragged about providing extra ambulances to transport Covid patients to neighboring hospitals. This sends the message that Missourians getting sick and/or dying is preferred over wearing a piece of cloth on your face.

Gladly will wear a mask to help others… You know sacrifice for others is something your demographic is supposed to understand

Nope! People who live in communities, participate in communities and shop in communities need to wear mask regardless of vaccination. The vaccinated are protected enough to keep them out of the hospital but they are as contagious as the unvaccinated. Hence the spread AGAIN!!!!

I hate masks but I put one on every time I go indoors in a public space. If the CDC is “strongly recommending” it there might be a reason to be concerned. This should not be a political sticking point. Mask mandates in schools make sense. The schools will be isolating in weeks.

Why? Virologists have shown that breakthrough infections and transmission can very much happen among the vaccinated. So, why wouldn’t we want a mandate so that there is just that much more preventative action?

Now, how could we go about granting the vaccinated freer access w/o requiring a mask? Hmmmm… Something passport, I swear. What was it?

Why? If Missourians ONLY get a vaccine because they think it means they will never have to wear a mask again, then you have failed in your messaging regarding the benefits of the vaccine. Obviously the current measures are failing us and something else is needed. Masks work.

Not if it saves lives by stopping the spread of a potentially deadly virus. Wearing a mask says, “I live in a civil society and care about my actions and how they effect others”.

Yes, but we live in Missouri.

Don’t you realize that the vaccinated people are wearing masks to protect those that are too Young or too dumb to get vaccinated? Do you honestly think we want to wear masks? For Pete’s sake we’re just trying to save peoples lives.

Many of us who are vaccinated continue wearing our masks, Governor. Now Delta is spreading and everyone, vaccinated or not, is again at risk for transmission. Universal masking helps stop the spread. I trust my kid’s infectious disease doc about this more than you.

Why the stubbornness? The FACT that vaccinated people can both contract AND spread Covid is the reason vaccinated folks should also wear masks until you can get the vaccine in enough arms to reach hers immunity. It’s not that difficult to understand – quit being obtuse

I’m fully vaccinated and wear a mask for a two main reasons -1) my young children can’t be vaccinated at the moment 2) since I can still catch Covid, my mask adds more protection for those who aren’t vaccinated, either by choice or because they’re too young

You right. Missouri as a whole doesn’t seem to acknowledge science.

YOU are sending the wrong message to Missourians

Problem is, there is no way to tell who is vaccinated without requiring proof of vaccination. And the same people who refuse to wear masks are the same people (for the most part) that refuse to get vaccinated. So we’re all screwed.

This absolutely ridiculous….mask mandates should be for everyone due to the fact of the high number of unvaccinated people. This is reckless. Have you no moral compass. What is wrong with you.

It’s to save children’s lives #ParsonIsAnIdiot

So what you’re saying is the state motto, Salus populi suprema lex esto, is a lie and the welfare of the people is not the supreme law. YOU are delivering the WRONG message, Gov. Negligent Homicide. Hope you are sued into oblivion for each and every death, and all damages.

Yep. Stepping on a rake.