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From Missouri DHSS:

Last night:

Claire McCaskill @clairecmc
Anti-vax folks say they don’t trust doctors. Where do they go when they get sick?
11:41 PM · Aug 12, 2021

A few of the responses:

Time for a new rule, all eligible people that chose not to get vaccinated don’t qualify for priority medical care. People who drink don’t qualify for transplants so I believe that the standard has already been set.

The vet. If they have a fever they stamp their foot twice.

What I don’t get is they say they don’t trust the government but they also don’t trust the vaccine because it doesn’t have FDA approval. Do they know what FDA stands for?

They’re immune to logic.

To the ERs where they cry and clog up the system. Then the MIs, CVAs, GSW have to compete for care and a bed. Not fair! No Vax? Back of the line. No Vax? You pay the costs of care. No Vax? No bars, restaurants, movies, concerts.

Well, when they get sick with Delta, they should just stay home and deal.with it. It’s only the flu, right? They don’t trust doctors and science. Why should they go to people they don’t trust? Let the hospitals be free to treat heart attacks & accident victims.

They sure don’t trust a lot of people: doctors, scientists, the government, etc…

They trust Facebook more than doctors.

While also talking about how they hate the media and Big Tech. Oh, and that to stop communism, the government should take over traditional media and social media companies. It is almost like they don’t know what they are talking about or something.

Just like the rest of the R’s, they make the mess, expect someone else to clean it up, then complain because the D’s didn’t do it to their satisfaction. [….]

To work. To school. On airplanes. On buses. They spread their sickness across the community and country cause they drank a little sea moss with molasses and ginger. They are fine. [….]

RN here. They call our office begging for advice & asking for all the crazy shit they’ve heard about. When we tell them that’s not an option/no cure they’re stunned. Advice: stay home and go to the hospital only when you’re sick enough to need admission. That & good luck

They also likely get treatments that are still under emergency authorization for that Covid. So that excuse for not getting vaccinated goes out the window.

They beg for monoclonal antibodies which are only authorized under an emergency use authorization because they don’t like the vaccine because it’s authorized under an emergency use authorization.

Spoiler alert: the Emergency Room. I see them. Often. My favorite is when they still don’t believe you after you diagnose them.

They go to the doctor just like everyone else, except currently they filling up the hospitals, you know the ones full of doctors.

Apparently out in public without a mask

And on and on.