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Really. This is too easy.

As always, we’re not allowing ignorant comments like these out of moderation to be linked with the original post, but we will present some of them in subsequent posts for the purpose of public derision and mockery. As we see fit.

We get another comment:

This article is completely laughable and highly biased. The author is obviously incapable of accepting proven research that differs from his opinion.

The post is a first hand source. That is, we were there. We took photos. We published the photos. We recorded audio. We posted the audio. There is no bias in those elements. There is no opinion in those elements. We agree that the public comments were completely laughable. We stated:

…“they” showed up to complain about masks and vaccines, spouting misinformation which would be laughable if it weren’t so dangerous to others…

What “proven” research? Cite it. Explain how that works. We’ll wait.

In a later post:

[….]It was definitely not a virtuoso display of critical thinking skills. Thirty or so people in a county with a population of approximately 54,000.

Whining about a local school district “making” school children wear masks, while being lax in their enforcement, while being too strict in their enforcement, and possibly making students follow established policy.

Masks designated for biological use don’t work for paint (uh, wrong type), therefore they won’t work for their intended purpose.

Wearing a mask will cause you to breathe excessive amounts of carbon dioxide, never mind that highly skilled surgeons and medical personnel wear masks for hours. Seriously, would anyone want their medical team to do otherwise?

How many individuals in Johnson County have been fully vaccinated? Definitely more than thirty anti-science luddites. [….]

Maroon. Ignoranimus.


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