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Previously: Meta: we deserve a better class of trolls (August 6, 2021)

As always, we’re not allowing ignorant comments like these out of moderation to be linked with the original post, but we will present some of them in subsequent posts for the purpose of public derision and mockery. As we see fit.

We get more comments (both from the same person):

Did you receive permission from any of the people in these pics to post them in a public forum? I know you sure as hell didn’t get mine.

You published photos without the permission of the people in them…..
I know you didn’t get my permission to take or use any pictures of me.
The previous article that this one refers to most definitely contained your biased opinion.
“at risk for exposure to Covid-19 or that my IQ probably dropped forty points after listening to their tiresome luddite anti-science drivel.” Your words… biased opinion not fact.

Read this slowly, so you may understand it. Sound out the words if that helps.

Is this your first rodeo?

You, and everyone else in the room, attended a public meeting concerning public business. You chose to be there. There is no reasonable presumption that your presence, by image, and, if you spoke, your words wouldn’t appear in a public account or news report of the public meeting. No permission is required. The meeting was publicly streamed live by the public entity. As a public record I’m assuming that the livestream was archived and, if so, would be available to anyone by request from the entity conducting the public meeting under RSMo § 610.

Do some real research. We’ll wait.

The images in the article are about as objective as anything can get. The audio in the article is about as objective as anything can get. Is it your assertion that the individuals in the images and/or who are in the audio didn’t participate in the public meeting?

The final paragraph is biased? That’s your opinion.

You keep posting comments here. No one is forcing you to do so. If you don’t want them to appear here, at our discretion, don’t post them here.


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