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Late last night, from Missouri’s Attorney General:

Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
Fight tyranny. Crush Marxism. Love America
10:04 PM · Aug 3, 2021

Some of the responses:

Fight demagoguery. Crush Fascism. Love the Earth.

he is crushing the fascists and demagogues, you are one and the same with the commies.

Obviously slept through junior high school.

Yes!! Fight tyrants from Jeff City who come to your town & say the know better than the locals & your community can’t decide for themselves!

Sarcasm? It’s hard to tell these days.

This is only a strong arm play to set him up for political office. Dont be fooled!


This is appalling.

Have you been vaccinated? Do you urge all Missourians to be vaccinated?

Oh you’re the AG. Disgusting.

Is it worth it, Eric? All those people who are going to get infected & die so you can rake in the right wing extremists money? Do your kids wear masks?

No one asked you to storm the beaches at Normandy, @Eric_Schmitt. Be a decent human being and leader and quit contributing to the harm of Missouri’s constituents.


Remember the good ol’ days, when fascist politicians didn’t rile up their base by accusing anyone who doesn’t support their candidate of being an enemy of the state? I mean, sure. It worked for Hitler, but is that really the country you want to live in?

Fascist in lawyer clothes

Forgive him, father, for his tiny monkey brain does not know what it has done. You are destroying the integrity of the Republic. We are at war with a foreign enemy. The Republic must not fall. This divisiveness will ruin us. What we do now decides the next 30 yrs. No going back.

You’re not “fighting tyranny”. You’re killing people.

You couldn’t explain Marxism if your life depended on it. You’re just an ignorant parrot pandering to other irresponsible idiots.

You’re a truly evil piece of shit, and I truly hope you get your come-uppance.

Geez sounds like something a guy from the 40’s would say. thanks for suing to give us no choice on masks. sounds like tyranny to me. You piece of shit you.

Shut up, you dumb hick.

Here we are.