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Running for the U.S. Senate is hard work.

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].

Yesterday morning:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
Americans are heading to the grocery store and seeing higher prices on everything from milk to fruits and vegetables.

Why? President Biden’s #InflationCrisis.
10:52 AM · Jul 20, 2021

Ooh. Manufactured outrage is so exciting.

As usual, there is much hilarity in the responses:

Can you identify three policies Biden promoted that caused this spike in prices?

I do know one: the economy opened up when the vaccinations became available.

Do you miss a year ago when prices were low because the economy was shut down?

Vicky is not smart enough to comprehend this

Ooh…look at Republicans riding the “inflation” story as hard as they can. Meanwhile, back in the real world, lumber prices are down 2/3, and crude oil down 17% (look out gasoline). Rooting against America, like @RepHartzler does, is a powerful drug. [….]

It isn’t because of President Biden. It’s pretty simple economics.

She doesn’t understand economics.

She understands. She’s just lying. She knows post-pandemic inflation was predicted a year ago, but insists on blaming Biden.

Post-pandemic. Not exactly.

Why are Americans paying more in all the stores? Try COVID-19 and its near year long lockdown. People around the world could not produce the goods everyone is now wanting while under stay at home lockdowns. Fewer goods, more people looking, prices go UP.

I’m more worried about insurrection than inflation.

#VickyHartzlerisaliar still

I was going to add scathing commentary, Vickster but, everyone else has pretty much got it covered.
I will add……
Stick with #Insurrection.
It is what you do best.

More lies and disinformation from Missouri’s welfare Queen.

Jackie W tweeted this uncited graphic yesterday. Now I am convinced you are not a independent thinking representative. Please learn supply and demand so you can understand capitalism. Your socialistic farm subsidy lifestyle seems to have horribly prepared you to speak on this.

Talking points, eh?

What’s the matter Vicky? You don’t have any photo ops scheduled for today. So instead you decide to peddle bullshit misinformation about inflation. Perhaps do something useful with your time. You know, something like reaching out to Missourians and asking them to get vaccinated.

We have a surge in domestic terrorists using the flag as their weapon! Hypocrite!

But, but, they’re being treated too harshly. It’s what happens when you drive 3 m.p.h. over the posted speed limit (July 16, 2021)

Pandemic unavoidably caused disruption of goods & materials pipeline. Government caused huge influx of cash, large hit to energy production, expectation of more regulation, expectation of higher taxes, cover for individuals not working. Why would we not expect inflation?

How stupid do you really think everyone is? Six months and this is all on him? What about your pathetic party that you bow down to? What about you? You post propaganda and take pictures.

Suck it, Insurrectionist. The GOP betrayed America.


Joe Biden (D) [2014 file photo].