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Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2018 file photo].

This morning:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
Critical Race Theory has no place in Missouri schools.

Since #CRT has entered the national discussion, Missourians have expressed strong disdain for teaching our students that this country is inherently racist.

Today, I stand with those parents.
8:54 AM · Jul 21, 2021

Kind of late to the right wingnut talking point bandwagon, eh?

And, as always, there is much hilarity in the responses:

Number of schools in your district where critical race theory is taught: 0

Number of counties in your district where COVID infections have increased due to Delta: 24

she’s never, NEVER in a setting where she must answer questions or defend her propaganda

can’t have a @RepHartzler without a sophisticated insulation system in place where the information only flows in one direction

If we were true to the Constitution, you wouldn’t even have the right to vote, Vicky.

I’m not sure why you wouldn’t want our actual history to be taught, unless you’re ashamed of it.

I stand with all the people who know the consequences of lying about history in order to make people feel better instead of teaching fact in order to *BE* better

Critical Race Theory doesn’t have a place in Missouri schools because it’s not *taught* in schools. It’s a graduate-level course with a specific meaning for students studying law and civil rights.

How ashamed of our country’s history, good and bad, do you have to be to want it not even to be taught?

Your party can not create a policy platform that serves its constituents so it defaults to these non existent culture war topics. Sad.

THIS parent is far more concerned about gun violence when I send my kids to school than the idea that their teachers might suddenly decide to teach them a grad-school theory. How about you deal with a REAL problem.

The fact that these hearings have been non-inclusive and one sided tells it all.

Right? “Here’s a bunch of white people to explain why we’re not racist, just ask anyone (white)!”

@RepHartzler CRT is not taught in 1-12 class rooms but I would like you to explain exactly what it is. Because unless you took the course in college, I’m guessing you can’t.

I was only able to watch 3/5 of your speech.

Someone wins the Internets today.

Unfortunately for you, kids don’t need to be taught CRT specifically to pick up on how the webs of power in this country heavily advantage some and disenfranchise others. They just need to go out in the world and meet people who are different from them. Sorry that scares you.

Well since its not taught in k thru 12….

The dog whistles are getting louder…

You could fit everything you know about Critical Race Theory on the head of a pin.

What a shocking turn of events, another mindless, virtue signaling republican coming out against CRT. [….]

You don’t even know what CRT is. But because it involves discussions around dismantling racism, you are against it.
You know what that makes you.

And tell us where this is taught? This is just catnip for your base.

Stop insulting your constituents by thinking we are stupid.

Was slavery racist?
And was it part of the law?

Heck, slavery was part of the original US Constitution.

Why don’t you want folks to know our Constitution?

Critical Race Theory is the new scary term the Right is using to create hysteria. Schools aren’t teaching it, never have and never will in any K-12 class.

Stop lying!

You look more and more like Gaetz and Greene each and every day.

That’s a feature, not a bug

There’s a republican primary for a U.S. Senate seat in Missouri in 2022.

@RepHartzler, please have a bit of respect for your constituents. CRT is taught in *zero* public schools. You honestly believe your district is that stupid? Please work for the welfare of Missourians, and stop this performative bullshit.

Spreading false information in an effort to spread hate & fear makes you & your fellow representatives worthless legislators & actually hate-filled human beings. [….]

And a few more…