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Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].

This morning:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
“Rules for thee, but not for me.” -Texas Democrats

While everyday Americans are required to wear masks on a plane, Texas Democrats skirted the rules as they abandoned their state and jetted to DC. Now, some are infected with COVID-19.

8:36 AM · Jul 19, 2021

Pearl clutching.

Some of the responses:

Your state has 25% more residents than mine, but FIVE TIMES the covid deaths and THREE times as many cases. Can’t imagine why, what with you focusing on super important stuff going on in Texas.

Yes, it’s going so well here in #Missouri that our electeds can take time out to criticize how other vaccinated people act. #SlickVick revels in misinformation. #GOPDeathCult

Why are you talking about Texas when Missourians are dying of covid-19? If you believe masks reduce the spread so much, why aren’t you advocating for them here? Do something to help Missouri fight covid-19!

Are you vaccinated? Because they all are. Are you now advocating masks? Because that would be a great PSA for Cass County right about now because there are a lot of people infected with #DeltaVariant right here in Cass Cty & Missouri. I would guess most are your constituents [….]

The utter lack of self-reflection evidenced by MO R’s-really, almost all R’s-never ceases to amaze.
I cannot fathom the mental gymnastics it must take to send a tweet like this. Think what could be accomplished if you encouraged Missouri to get vaccinated instead. [….]

You aren’t even from Texas, I’m sure missouri has covid cases you should actually be worried about…[….]

We’re I on a charter flying with folks who are also vaccinated, I’d do the same. As would you.

Still and all, this shiny new advocacy of masks is a turn for you. Congratulations?

Missouri has a lower percentage of residents vaccinated than Texas does.

Maybe you should turn your focus towards the health of your own constituents?

So now you’re advocating FOR masks? It’s difficult to keep up.

they were vaxxed and aboard a chartered plane. Only commercial has to mask up.

And yet @GovParsonMO travels the state, WITHOUT A MASK, to celebrate Missouri while Delta roars.

Damn people are getting sick and dying in Missouri and this woman thinks this is cute

When you’re more concerned about your GOP team and winning the news cycle than about your constituents…
Those on the plane are fully vaccinated, and behaving within CDC guidelines.
Your dishonest post will encourage unvaccinated not to wear masks, which will spread COVID-19.

Missouri is getting mauled by COVID because of inaction at the state level, but sure, post silly little nonsense to deflect from the fact that Vicky does nothing for her district.

So you’re saying masks work?

So you’re saying masks work?

That’s right. Now please share your outrage about Fox News’s ant-vaccine commentaries.

Unlike you, they are doing their jobs & representing the choices their constituents want. No masks are required in private, private jet there; no masks required for the vaccinated, all vaccinated there. Unlike what you and ol’ Mike Parsons are doing for MO. Spreading it around.

Your district is burning with COVID-Delta. Get your head out of Texas. #Missouri needs a leader to stop the spread before another year of hospitals over capacity, sickness, death & zoom school.

Representative, hospitals in your district are filling up with Covid patients from all over the state in part due to dozens of rural Missouri hospitals closing in the last 20 years. And this is your chosen outrage of the day? Good grief.

What’s disgraceful is the surge of COVID-19 cases right here in our own state, the battle our hospitals and healthcare centers are facing every single day, all because you and your cronies refuse to advocate for vaccinations, masking, and public safety. YOU are disgraceful.

Where are your tweets encouraging your constituents to get vaccinated?

How are the Missouri vaccinations going? Are you helping save more of your constituents by giving them good/true vaccine information?

They were on a private plane and vaccinated. I am not sure you understand things.

The Delta variant is ravaging your state and you aren’t doing a damn thing to get people vaccinated.

Why are you minding Texas’ business? Your own state is a disaster rn ffs.

So now you care about masks and vaccination or are you just a ‘crisis actor’. Make up your mind what you are actually for then let us know.

Hey, newsflash, you’re from Missouri. Quit worrying about Texans and worry about how YOUR state of Missouri is on fire with the Delta variant. Why don’t you advocate for masks and vaccines here? This tweet is disgraceful.

While people in your district are dying because they believe BS about the vaccine and Covid. Meanwhile these people where vaccinated and have mild symptoms. See the difference, honey?

We all remember back before vaccines when the Rs in Jeff City refused masks and caused a wide-spread breakout back during our fall/winter wave. Just because you treat your constituents like they are all big dumb dummies, doesn’t mean they are. #facts #COVIDIOT

Hey Vicky, how are things going in Missouri? It looks like you’ve got a shit show going on in your state. One of the lowest vaccinated states in the country. Shouldn’t you help those people. What are you doing to help them? Your @GOP party is killing people. Sit down.

You want disgraceful?
Look in the mirror.
Advocate in favor of vaccination.

Did you wear a mask? Did you support mask wearing? Did you support the insurrection? Did you vote against impeachment of a president who supported and instigated a government coup? Have you been vaccinated? We have a lot of questions, miss Vicky. #HoldATownHalk

Holy hypocrite! Maybe try focusing on Missouri? Just a thought.

You’re a hypocrite. The virus is killing the unvaccinated and you do nothing in your own state

Why don’t you worry about the Delta variant spreading in your own state and stop with the faux pearl clutching about Texas Democrats. Sit down and shut up!

Missouri is in the toilet because of idiots like you. Resign. Go away.

“Texas, it’s like a whole other country”