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Current Senator and former-Attorney General Josh Hawley (r) is publicly whining about an audit released on Thursday about a portion of Hawley’s (r) short tenure as Missouri Attorney General.

From the audit [pdf]:

…In a December 31, 2019, letter (Appendix I, page 435) in response to seeing a draft copy of this report, the AGO formally objected to the inclusion of interview transcripts in this report, and stated the inclusion of these transcripts would be a disclosure of audit working papers, and therefore, a felony violation of Chapter 29, RSMo. The SAO disagrees with this conclusion. Objections to the inclusion of interview transcripts and audit communications citing Chapter 29, RSMo, are without merit. The confidentiality provisions of Chapter 29 are intended to protect the SAO’s working papers from public disclosure. The interpretation that those confidentiality provisions are intended to keep the SAO from disclosing information obtained during the course of the audit is at odds with Chapter 29, RSMo, and Yellow Book requirements, which both require a report of information obtained during an audit be made public. In addition, the statement that the inclusion of working papers as appendices to a public report is unprecedented is not accurate. Including information obtained during an audit as appendices is very common and not unique to this administration. Appendices have been part of audit reports issued by the SAO for decades…

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Yesterday afternoon, from Josh Hawley (r):

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Hey liberal dark money group, you forgot to mention @clairecmc is on your board! But thx for reminding everyone that this attack was Democrat sleaze from Day 1. Now disproven TWICE by two separate reviews. But your Dem auditor is now under investigation for a FELONY. Good luck
1:34 PM · Feb 8, 2020


You know, all-caps on the Internet is the equivalent of hysterical shouting or the wit and wisdom of someone in junior high school. So, which is it?

The Ivy League vision of a flatbed truck.

Claire McCaskill still makes you nervous, eh. She did say, “…Now I know he went to Yale, I think, or Harvard, one of those, one of those fancy ones…” Maybe you should ask for your tuition money back.

There was much hilarity in the responses:

Dark money is terrible. Josh, where’s your bill to end it?

Senator Hawley, Missourians would appreciate your support in ending dark money.

Will you sign the petition to support House Bill 1981, the End Dark Money Act?

Psst…he won’t.

So now fighting for Ethical behavior is “Dark” to Republicans?!?
Good to put that out in the Open there Josh!

Evan McMullin is also on the board of CREW (Center for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington). He served as a policy for the House Republican Conference in the U.S. House of Representatives. He was Republican right up until the point the Republican Party lost their minds.

What the hell happened to “Ending the cycle of bitterness” you were talking about earlier this week?

Uh, that was just talk, until he got nervous? Just spitballing here.

The alleged felony is that the auditor went ahead and released the report on Hawley’s malfeasance, even though Hawley’s equally corrupt successor as AG claimed it was somehow privileged or confidential. Two things Republicans excel at are committing crimes and covering them up.

Have fun, but know this: Republicans are united and EMPOWERED. We’re fighting back and exposing the corruption, and the slander used to cover it up.
It used to be so easy, didn’t it?
Not anymore. Enjoy the next 12 years with a Republican President.

Well, okay?

Funny how ethics is also a bad thing for Republicans. You didn’t want witnesses or documents in a trial and now you really want no oversight or ethics?

Way to take the “Show Me” out of our state motto.

We want leadership for Missouri not lawless servitude. #resign

After distracting from Trump’s illegal impounding and election interference with calls for irrelevant witnesses, the “Constitutional Conservative” proceeds to distract from his ethical issues with fallacious ad hominem attacks.

No respect for law, Constitution, or logic.

Actually, he calls himself a “constitutional lawyer” or something like that. “…Now I know he went to Yale, I think, or Harvard, one of those, one of those fancy ones…”

Dark money, you say? Well, pray tell where was your dark money concerns when you were AG and Greitens and of his dark money shenanigans were in charge? You’re a disgrace.

I read the article and it said it’s hard to tell what you did because you used a private email server. What do we know about people who use private email servers?

The great thing about audits is that they are not partisan. Numbers don’t lie like republicans do.

Facts matter, tho’. You used out of state political consultants to raise your profile in MO. You and your staff used private email and messaging. You used state resources for political purposes. You’re just mad you got called out and caught using GOP dirty tricks, sir.

And on and on…

State Auditor Nicole Galloway – [2017 file photo]


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