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From an audit of former Attorney General Josh Hawley (r), released yesterday by State Auditor Nicole Galloway’s (D) Office:

…In a December 31, 2019, letter (Appendix I, page 435) in response to seeing a draft copy of this report, the AGO formally objected to the inclusion of interview transcripts in this report, and stated the inclusion of these transcripts would be a disclosure of audit working papers, and therefore, a felony violation of Chapter 29, RSMo. The SAO disagrees with this conclusion. Objections to the inclusion of interview transcripts and audit communications citing Chapter 29, RSMo, are without merit. The confidentiality provisions of Chapter 29 are intended to protect the SAO’s working papers from public disclosure. The interpretation that those confidentiality provisions are intended to keep the SAO from disclosing information obtained during the course of the audit is at odds with Chapter 29, RSMo, and Yellow Book requirements, which both require a report of information obtained during an audit be made public. In addition, the statement that the inclusion of working papers as appendices to a public report is unprecedented is not accurate. Including information obtained during an audit as appendices is very common and not unique to this administration. Appendices have been part of audit reports issued by the SAO for decades…

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Yesterday evening, from Josh Hawley (r):

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
When you have to break the law to try to score political points, you know you’re desperate. Given the evidence of rampant political manipulation in her office, Galloway should recuse herself from all audits if she’s going to keep running for Governor #mogov #moleg
5:08 PM · Feb 6, 2020

Says the ladder climber.

“Evidence”? Since when has evidence been something Josh Hawley (r) cared about?

“The most dangerous place to stand in Washington D.C. is any place between Senator Josh Hawley and a live microphone” – Charles P. Pierce

As always, there was much hilarity in the responses:

Yeah Josh, speaking of breaking the law, where do you come down on Trump stealing money from his foundation, admitting guilt in a court of law, and being fined $2,000,000? Is that ok with you? If so, WTF did they teach you in law school?


Oh, lookit. Newly made man in the Trump Crime Syndicate has thoughts about ethics. You can take your thoughts about what Auditor Galloway should or shouldn’t do and stuff them. Republicans are just crazy, thinking that anyone believes anything they say anymore.

Please! You looked the other way at the rule of law when you acquitted your dear leader refused to allow evidence into the trial. Now you invoke it for your own political purposes. All I can say is that this isn’t surprising. You’re a hypocrite & we’re paying attention.

“When you have to break the law to try to score political points, you know you’re desperate” pretty much summarizes you and the rest of the GOP under Trump.

Shall we start calling you Josh the Desperate? Desperate Hawley?

Works for us.

I think you have already burned all your “rule of law” capital on the president’s get out of jail free card.


* it’s okay if you’re a republican

Your complete lack of self awareness in the phrasing of this tweet is absolutely astounding!

It’s amazing, He does know the Head Grifter.

Dem corruption?? Freaking hilarious!
Remind me again How many Dem associates pled guilty or are serving/ have served/ will serve prison time??
Meanwhile at least 6 Trump associates have/will.
But please tell us all about the Dem corruption!

Lol. Nope, you can never allege political wrongdoing of another after letting Trump off.

isn’t that what you’ve been doing for the last 3 years? what a buffoon

No wonder you voted to acquit tRump. You’re made in the same mold as he is.

When I read the first sentence of your tweet, Senator Thirsty, I thought somehow a conscience has emerged and you regretted your vote for a corrupt acquittal of Trump.
I see it’s just leftover flyover-state corruption baggage that isn’t resolved.
Carry on.

Typical Republican modus operandi. Break the law, get caught, claim partisanship!

“When you have to break the law to try to score political points, you know you’re desperate.”

That’s the truest thing you’ve ever said about Donald Trump.

Too much transparency for you?

So your buddy @GovParsonMO is nervous about the support Ms. Galloway is generating among voters here in MO?

Says the Sycophant Senator whose took dark money and literally had his staff using secret messaging while he “investigated” Greitens for doing the same.

You may be guilty……..so don’t LIE

Looking at cover ups on national level is embolding you to pursue same on state level. You’re as corrupt as your idol.

For some reason, Trump and get away with lying to people. I suggest you not try it. That’s actually friendly advice.

You’re an embarrassment to our state. We deserve better leaders.

*When I had to break the law to score a political position, you know I’m desperate.
There, I fixed it for you.

You swore under oath that you would listen impartially to the house managers and yet you didn’t, so there’s that.

There’s that.

“The stew of high intellect and low principle is ghastly. “ Love that quote about you, so fitting.

You voted to acquit a criminal president despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, you are not allowed to pretend to have integrity, morals, honor or a backbone.

You voted for the presidency having absolute immunity.

Why did you vote for a King?

Seriously! You just voted to acquit a lawless president and you’re calling for Galloway to recuse herself. You covered for Greiten and his sleezy blackmail as you were climbing the ladder to your next position. I feel that you’re the desperate one, clutching on to Trump. #Corrupt

“When you have to break the laws to score political points, you know your desperate.”

Cool admission here, you corrupt hack.

Dude…you just voted to acquit President Trump for irrefutable facts that he attempted to coerce/bribe an ally by withholding military aid unless there was an announcement of an investigation. You are an embarrassment to our state, and I am optimistic you will end up I prison.

We don’t live in a just world.

You’d know a lot about selling your soul to score political points.

Stop telling us what Galloway’s audit says. Your version is unrecognizable. And we can read it for ourselves. We know what it says.

Bad faith Senator says what?

And on and on…

State Auditor Nicole Galloway (D) [2016 file photo].


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