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We keep missing those speeches from republican office holders praising Donald Trump’s honesty, empathy, fortitude, loyalty…

Governor Mike Parson (r) [2018 file photo].

Last night:

Mike Parson @mikeparson

The number of days liberals have been obsessed with this impeachment scam. Those 1,340 days could have been spent working on issues that would’ve made life better for all Americans.
7:13 PM · Dec 18, 2019

Some of the responses:

Seems like a good reason to donate to @nicolergalloway


The number of days my parents and siblings are banned to visit me at my home in St. Louis, MO because of #travel_ban. Fix that if you can Mr. Governor. If you have *any* explanation, I’d love to hear THAT.

I notice that you don’t say anything about the Abuse of Power, the Obstruction of Congress, the Obstruction of Justice, the racism, the dishonesty, the rape, the racism…

Yes, people have wanted to be rid of him for a long time, because he has been horrible that long.

How many bills has the Senate picked up from the House in this sitting of Congress, Mike?

That’s an inconvenient question.

Clearly, you don’t care about the constitution or the rule of law. I guess that says it all for the Republican Party these days. #Galloway2020

Mike they passed 400 bills this session alone.

Have you checked out the huge pile of bills passed by House languishing in Senate?

You won’t get your position handed to you next time.

Okay, now do Greitens.


Worry about your own state. You have yet another school district ready to go to 4 days due to lack of funds. You are getting us precariously close to that 50th spot in education in the nation. Worry about your own job. Because you’re not doing it. – A Missouri Resident

Like the 400 bills they passed that area now sitting on McConnell’s desk rotting? That kind of work?

Do you live in a cave without access to the news or do you just like to sit and complain cause you support the wrong side of history?

They are upholding their oaths of office. You, on the other hand, are pandering to the crook in the WH. Shameful. Can’t wait to be vote you out of office.

Not “liberals” but people who believe in the rule of law. Your comments are disingenuous.

400 bills passed by the Democratic House crafted to help the American people languish in the Republican led Senate. Are you intentionally lying, or just ignorant?



Mike Parson @mikeparson
Instead, a political party has weaponized impeachment for the first time in history. They haven’t moved past Republican’s HISTORIC victory in 2016 and can’t beat our president at the ballot box in 2020.
7:13 PM · Dec 18, 2019

No one can be this willfully stupid, can they? Was this written by one of those overcompensated twenty-something low level campaign communications staffers? Just asking.

Uh, there was also an election in 2018. How many seats in the House of Representatives flipped, changing the majority party? You know, actually reflecting the will of the voters.

“…can’t beat our president at the ballot box in 2020.” Why not? He was beat, by around three million votes, in 2016.

Some of the responses:

Governor, the president invited a foreign adversary to aid him in his ‘16 campaign. He obstructed the investigation. As president he used the power of his office to compel another foreign government to investigate his domestic political rival, hoping to sway the next election.

You have to ignore so many facts to make this statement

I’m embarrassed you represent Missouri. #GOPCorruptionOverCountry

“Historic”? Do you mean because it was one of the few times someone won the presidency through electoral college only and not popular vote? Or the fact that for the first time in our history our president was handed the office by the meddling of a foreign government?

Governor Mike Parson (r) [2018 file photo].