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Rep. Vicky Hartzler (r) [2016 file photo].


Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
I wanted to congratulate @SecPompeo and my friend @VP Mike Pence on helping to broker a ceasefire in #Syria.

This agreement will give peace a chance and will encourage Turkey to arrive to a diplomatic solution, which will save a massive amount of lives.
12:42 PM · Oct 17, 2019

All is forgiven, apparently.

Meanwhile, there was much hilarity in the responses:


We’re all not as stupid as you would hope we are.

This ‘ceasefire’ and what it means is already unraveling in the media, and by this evening we’ll know the truth: you all betrayed our allies, and then rewarded Erdogan for his actions.

Still, Representative Hartzler (r) wants us all to clap louder.

Seriously, have you no dignity left? Are you really such a complete and total sell out?

Do you want us to answer both questions? We could.

Wrong again. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said it is not a ceasefire. “We will pause the operation for 120 hours in order for the terrorists to leave,” Cavusoglu said.

A day late & a dollar short. All the innocent who have died already because of reckless Trump! Better than nothing at this point! No one should have murdered to begin with!!!!

Yeah, Turkey did a quick smash and grab, and got what they wanted, and now they’ve gotten away with no penalty.

That’s not much of a victory.

You should just give the whitehouse communication team direct access to your account, it would save time retyping their talking points


Sad that #trump put us in this position in the 1st place.

Any comment on #potus?

Alarm bells are ringing for Trump Impeachment.

You’re wise to congratulate your male handlers, whether they did anything or not. Good girl.


You don’t get to gaslight the nation all the way to a corrupt election in Nov 2020.

Nice try Vicky, thanks for trolling.

So as I understand it this deal will give the Kurds 5 days of cease fire to escape (and go where to?) then Turkey can go back to murdering them. Great job Pence and Trump.

Sound about right, Icky?

At what cost & how many lives? Missourians do not be fooled by @RepHartzler, @POTUS was & is impulsive, his actions cost humans lives. Further, our Air Force had to destroy an exposed ammo depot due to @POTUS actions.
@GOP creates a problem to take credit 4 the resolution?

You don’t get credit for pulling out a fire extinguisher on a house fire you started.

This genocide is happening *because* of your president.

Oh, I see. You meant the complete capitulation to Turkey and Putin. Plus the ethnic cleansing of the Kurds, and now the forced relocation. And the millions of wasted taxpayer $$, plus our bombing of our own facilities.


How disingenuous of you.

Oh, pulease. Not all of us are stupid republicans.

Turkey has gotten what they wanted, to be seen a major player in the world. This wasn’t about the Kurds, this was about power. Trump was played like a fiddle.
Your buddies are pretty much as worthless as the rest of your party, soulless pseudo-christians.

Are you kidding me? Trump caused this mess. Now you’re trying to give him credit for a cease fire? Unbelievable.

You’re kidding, right?

So the Kurds have 120 hours to evacuate their homes and relocate before Turkey again uses force to seize land?

Shame on you, Vicky, for abandoning our allies.

You are a fool.

Nice try, you treasonous hack. Doing Putin’s bidding yet again, Trump sold out our allies.

You know it was a terrible deal, actually it really wasn’t a deal, it was what Putin wanted. By the way, why are you sending our boys to Saudi Arabia the land of hijackers and a prince who orders Americans residents to be chopped up if we are getting out of the Middle East?

you are an imbecile

Dunning Kruger Effect.

Turkey already said it’s not a ceasefire you feckless POS. Learn to read.