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Jordan @JordanUhl
At 7:35 pm, it was reported that Tulsi Gabbard was over an hour late for a press event in Iowa and that her aides weren’t telling people what was going on.

She just went live on Tucker Carlson’s show.
7:21 PM · Oct 18, 2019

There are those 14 minutes. But we catch your drift.

Tucker Carlson. Really? Like a Democratic Party candidate running for the Democratic Party nomination for President should want to go out of their way to engage with Democratic Party voters, you know, the people who actually decide who the Democratic Party nominee is?

Tulsi Gabbard evidently thinking it’s an effective use of her time to try to reach Democratic Party presidential primary voters on a right wingnut white supremacist television show tells you something about her competence and the competence of her campaign staff. And none of it is good or competent.

“Are you a Russian sleeper cell?” Uh, whoever is Tulsi Gabbard’s communications director should be fired and should never again work in the communications business.

A parody:

Austin Powers: Nice to asset you… meet you. Nice to meet you, Russian asset.
[to Foxxy as Basil & the Russian asset leave]
Austin Powers: Don’t say Russian asset.
Foxxy Cleopatra: Now stop.
Austin Powers: I said Russian asset.
Foxxy Cleopatra: Stop.
[Basil gestures him to hush]
Number Three: Bye.
Austin Powers: Russian asset.
[Basil & the Russian asset try again to leave]
Austin Powers: Russian asset.
[Basil warns him again to hush]
Austin Powers: Russian asset.
Basil Exposition: Oh, shut up!
Austin Powers: [Basil and the Russian asset walk out and Austin lets loose] Asset, asset, asset, asset, asset!

“Faux News channel, fascist groupies” – protest sign, circa 2003- 2004.


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