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DrAmyA @AmyAddante
Today I was forced by the state of Missouri to perform an unnecessary pelvic exam on a patient terminating her pregnancy for a fetal anomaly. She is heartbroken over her situation and I was forced to do an invasive, uncomfortable exam. It broke me as a physician to do this to her
3:57 PM – 3 Jun 2019

Some of the conversation:

That was likely the intent. To affect both the physician and the patient.

What is the law for?

The state of Missouri requires all abortion patients to have a pelvic exam both 72 hours prior to and on the day of their abortion.

For what reason? How do they justify that?

There are multiple requirements by the state that literally have no medical basis. They contradict #ACOG and #SMFM recommendations and best practices but it is the law and I am required to comply otherwise risk criminal charges and loss of license

Tell me again why politicians questioned about climate change respond “we’re not scientists”, but all become gynecologists when it comes to women’s health?!

Just curious…was the exam witnessed?


This is the Middle Ages

Handmaid’s Tale

Did you violate your oath to do no harm? [….]

It sure as hell felt like it. I was forced to perform a speculum exam on a woman already in distress and it literally had no impact on how I cared for her. That feels like harm. It also felt like a huge violation of my autonomy as a medical professional.

The exam is medically unnecessary. There is no purpose aside from putting up as many roadblocks as possible to women seeking abortion and to doctors trying to provide them. It’s unconscionable.


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