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Governor Mike Parson (r) [2018 file photo].

Yesterday, via Twitter:

Governor Mike Parson @GovParsonMO
As other states like New York and Virginia venture further away from the American ideal to protect and uphold the #RightToLife, I’m honored to lead a state with so many people who are committed to standing up for those without a voice.
11:14 AM – 15 May 2019

Some of the comments:

Pro-pre-birth means it’s ok to shoot em @ school after birth.

Women are the ones with no voice here.

*starts looking up job opportunities in New York*

Come to NY where women still have rights!!!!!

I’ve never be more proud to be a New Yorker.

Proud and ignorant. Quite a combination.

Get New York out ya nasty mouth

Missouri’s values are to care about fetuses more than the woman carrying them & I don’t agree w that. When people believe a 12 year old girl should give birth to her rapist’s baby, that’s not pro-life. That’s hatred of women and girls. Misogyny at its best. Welcome to Missouri!

New York and Virginia, where women have equal rights, you mean.


they dont have a voice bc they arent people


New York & Virginia passed laws so women facing death wouldn’t have to survive waiting period. Below explains late term abortion is legal. I can’t imagine pain of facing this horror. Those who advance off their pain aren’t folks I want to rule me.

If people want a state that actually values women, come see us in Vermont. No matter where you go, good luck getting the hell out of Missouri!

If this passes are you going to pass legislation for the fathers to be financially responsible? If a paternity test proves fatherhood it should be mandatory for the dad to take care of his kids. If women have to have them, men should support them.

PROTECTING WOMEN’S HEALTH So now if a woman is facing death because something went wrong with her pregnancy, she doesn’t have the right to choose to save her own life. Or if the baby has passed away, she has to carry it to term and birth it…

…even though it could cause a plethora of health problems. Newsflash: that’s not protecting women’s health or rights. That’s RISKING a woman’s health. Did you get your degree from one of those inserts that comes in a new picture frame?

#WomensRightsAreHumanRights #MyBodyMyChoicePeriod #AlabamaHatesWomen

Stay out of my uterus #prochoice #MyBodyMyChoicePeriod #AbortionRights

Governor, I used to be “pro-life.” And then I realized it wasn’t about protecting “those without a voice.” It’s about making women’s medical decisions for them and ignoring children’s needs as soon as they’re born. You and others like you are pro-birth, not pro-life. Sit down.

You should be ashamed of yourself for silencing women and choosing campaign dollars over public health. You know this, and you just don’t care. But women don’t forget. And we are coming for you.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

72 percent of American’s support roe. Perhaps you lack and understanding of American ideals.

Yes, don’t worry. As your young women are abused and mistreated, we will welcome them to NY and provide them with the care you refused to give.

Get Virginia out of your mouth

Virginia is awesome. I think you are misrepresenting the majority view in your state. You might want to look into that. Actually I don’t care, go ahead and lose next election.

You are a misogynist monster.

Congrats on making a state which many women will choose to leave or never move to, and where any business in their right mind won’t want to locate. #Gilead

So what actions are in place to protect life when children get slaughtered in school shootings. You inaction and callous disregard for those lives speak volumes … Yeah I know guns matter more than life. But carry on ..

I’m committed to standing up for the rights of women and the constitution. You do not represent my values.

To bad you don’t respect women’s rights over their own bodies. You are a joke.

The #RightToLife is the #RightToChoose
Women and their bodies are not for this shit government to control

Proud to be from Virginia – our Commonwealth respects and promotes freedom to make decisions about one’s own body and the welfare of living children – children being ignored and disregarded by your party.

You should be horrified and ashamed that you are dragging America back to the Middle Ages and putting women’s lives and health at risk. Shame on you

What about my voice? What about the voices of all of the women you refuse to hear? What about my right to health care? What about my body autonomy? Oh right, none of that exists in your eyes.

Willing to support the children after they are born or are you a hypocrite?

Except for women – you are leading a war on women and we will not forget. Just like Greitens – you want to keep women tied up in the basement and without a choice for their body.

It’s not America’s ideal. It’s the ideal of people like you who think they have a right to tell women what they can do with their bodies. You have no right. And you know what else, Bub? Women are done taking your male domination bullshit. You will not control us.

Fuck you.

you’re taking our voice away. you are such a piece of shit

Go fuck yourself.

Don’t you dare call denying rights to women an “American ideal”, you shit

You are a liar and a hypocrite. You understand nothing of American ideals (say, liberty) and care or know even less about women’s health. You’re trying to kill women and subjugate them to your extremist theocratic world view. It’s despicable.

From Virginia with love… Fuck you clown

You know you Republicans need to make up your minds.. you can’t be against birth control AND abortion. What the hell do you idiots own a coat hanger factory?

Now that you mention it…

Pre 1973 2019 medical instruments.


Gov. Mike Parson (r): Alabama, hold my beer… (May 15, 2019)