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Pre 1973 2019 medical equipment.

Last Friday, via Twitter:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
Congratulations to the Missouri legislature for passing the most #ProLife legislation in the nation. Now more children will have a chance to live & women will have the support they need to bring their pregnancies to full term. #lifeisgood
5:29 PM – 17 May 2019

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2018 file photo].

Some of the responses:

You come from a generation of women who fought for the rights stripped from us today.

A generation that pioneered economic independence for women.

A generation I admire. But you are not those women.

You are a reason I’m less free than I was yesterday.


The law covers medical expenses for the mother right? And if the infant is born with special needs their medical expenses are covered as well as special education? Because you care so much?

Uh, that would be a “no”. There could be an offer of a hot meal, though.

What are you going to do about the fact that missouri has one of the worst maternal death rates? Did you know in the bootheel there isn’t a maternity ward within 100 miles? How will you save women?

There’s a special place in Hell for women who enjoyed the protection of Roe for their entire childbearing years, and then try to deny it to other women after they hit menopause.

Women will die because of this law.

This is not ProLife legislation. It is pro-birth . Pro-life means you support all aspects of a life through education, health care, sensible gun laws and the mental health anguish of being raped. I hope you plan to support legislation to help ALL children!

I will no longer follow you. How can you approve of women’s rights being taken away???

She always has, opposed the equal rights amendment and her voting score for civil rights is very very low.

You’re not pro life. You’re #antichoice so you really think women will continue to vote for you?

Shame on you

Grateful I am no longer represented by a woman who doesn’t stand up for reproductive rights, but so sorry for my friends and family who remain in her district and that I won’t be there to vote her out of office. Once again disgusted by @RepHartzler.

Thanks for passing sharia law, Vicky. I’ll remember this. We all will.

U will ensure any rapist will pay child support & counseling for PTSD, right?

The mother will immediately be eligible 4 state aid as she is a household of @ least 2 @ 8 weeks if income level qualifies, right?

Finally, she can immediately claim 8 week old on her taxes, right?

Vicky please keep your shitty religion out of our politics.

What support? Missouri has kicked off over 60, 000 children from Medicaid since January 2018? You think it’s great to force rape or incest victims to birth their assaulters child. What if you knew in advance one of these babies were gay or trans, would you want them aborted?

2 things: 1) ur legislation will backfire when women start dying from backyard abortions & 2) where r the $’s coming from for FOOD STAMPS?

Oh but they’re cutting food stamps and CHIP.

We are embarrassed by this assault on the freedom of women to make their own choices in their moral life, whatever those decisions are. One more example of government inserting itself in the personal moral life of individuals in a heavy handed way. You are NOT our moral compass.

What part of the legislation supports women to bring their pregnancies to full term? MO has one of the highest maternal death rates in the country and the MO GOP has done nothing about it. Last year 50,000 MO children lost Medicaid coverage and the MO GOP did nothing.

I refuse to normalize your pride in taking women back to the dark ages. Shame on you

Says the woman who wasn’t at all bothered that children were being taken from their families and put in cages. You have a strange definition of pro-life, Congresswoman.

Vicky, who, exactly, is going to support women throughout their entire pregnancy?
What programs are in place in MO to assist the children impregnated by their incestuous fathers?
What programs are in place in MO to assist the female raped who is unfit to be a mother?

How do women have support? What in the law gave them support? How does this help them?

What an embarrassment you are.

Does this bill provide access to pregnant mothers without health insurance for prenatal care too?

I am ashamed to know you’re my parents’ rep and would have been mine had I chosen to stay (I left because of people like you). Your constituents do NOT want this, and you are openly & illegally defying settled precedent. SHAME ON YOU VICKY HARTZLER.

Until they’re born to starve or suffer from a curable disease because the little freeloaders are #Socialists.

There you go.


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