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Pre 1973 2019 medical equipment.

The sponsor of the anti-choice HB 126 took to social media last night, responding to a movie actor:

Nicholas B. Schroer @NickBSchroer
It’s called there’s an actual #CaptainAmerica for the unborn here in MO. Not just some on screen character. Missouri has a crew of #ProLife legislators speaking for our most vulnerable from womb to tomb. Our unborn deserve saving too, not just your on-screen characters #moleg
10:24 PM – 24 May 2019 from Lake St Louis, MO

Some of the responses:

So, you support expanding Medicaid? After all, babies who are born, as well as their mothers, need healthcare. And how about proper education? Are you going to ensure everyone has access to quality education?

Let’s talk about housing. After all, babies need a roof.

Or are you really only concerned about a political agenda, enforcing your views, as well as reducing women’s rights?

We’re gonna go with the second one.

“speaking for our most vulnerable from womb to tomb”
only when one enters the tomb immediately after birth.
Failure to support adequate policy otherwise. #moleg
The from-womb-to-tomb supporters are @MOLegDems.

We noticed that, too.

If that’s the case, then I expect our legislators to expand Medicaid, food stamps, etc. I also expect them to fund schools and raise the minimum wage. See, you really don’t mean “to tomb”. GTFO of my personal decisions and my body, Nicholas.

Narrator: “It was not the case. It never was.”

Cute, but we are an army of Captain Marvels, Nick. Bet.

We see what you did there.

Again, the term is #ForcedBirth.

a professional joker or “fool” at a medieval court, typically wearing a cap with bells on it and carrying a mock scepter. — @NickBSchroer this is the definition of jester.

Just stop with the “womb to tomb” thing. It’s clear that you don’t and it just sounds douchey. You haven’t stopped abortion; only safe abortions.

This makes no sense.

It never has.

To tomb? Have you seen Missouri statistics on maternal and infant mortality? These so called prolife legislators refuse to expand Medicaid or other services to care for those outside the womb.

He was trolling people with what he thought would be a clever little rhyme.

He has. He doesn’t care. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

That, too

I’m here for the ratio


I think you mean womb only there bro. Lets not pretend your policies do much for anyone but rich folks after that.

Bet you are against so-called “entitlement” programs, for the death penalty, support Trump… but yeah… all about this… FOH…

Are you going to increase the budgets for WIC, free/reduced school lunch programs, SNAP, etc. for all these children? I will wait right here…

Don’t hold your breath.

Like the tomb they will be placed in after they die in war bcuz they didnt get healthcare or an education w.o signing up as canon fodder bcuz their family couldnt plan their birth?


“Our unborn” #rightwinghyperbole

Every conservative that talks about abortion sounds like a sociopath trying to say things to fit in [….]

Womb, sure. After that, they don’t seem to give a shit about anyone.

Who speaks for the woman?

At this point, not the woman.

Oh, sure. That’s why our infant/maternal mortality rates are so high. That’s why deaths of despair are rising. Sure, #moleg is full of super heroes..that’s why opioid addiction is so high. Yeppers, our reps think they are fabulous while the state craters.

It’s pretty ridiculous, isn’t it? They just care about forced pregnancy but don’t care about maternal or infant mortality.

Jeezus you’re desperate for attention.

Not not too much attention though. They passed the bill to strip women of their rights in the middle of the night. The governor signed the bill in a private ceremony. And he doesn’t even reply to Chris Evans—he quote tweets him.

They proved with their consensual rape and women lie nonsense that if they talk too much it’s bad for them. Now they’ll waste millions of our tax dollars paying lawyers to do their talking for them while the law gets shot down in courts.

Hey Nicholas, how about addressing the increasing maternal mortality rates in Missouri first…unless dead women is your thing?

Oh word? What are you doing for children after birth? Expanding Medicaid? Providing for family leave? Ensuring equality of education? Or…none of that? So maybe shut the hell about “womb to tomb”; you don’t care about children once they take a breath.

God, this is idiotic.

You sir, are a tool.

Womb to tomb? How’s that Medicaid expansion going? Universal pre-k? Paid family leave? Education funding? Are you addressing maternal mortality rates at all? What about the 400,000 foster kids? What exactly are you doing to protect the lives of the living?

Really Nic??? Are you will to start paying child support, insurance, and anything else it needs from the womb?? Yeah didnt think so asshat. Until you grow a uterus, zip it little man


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