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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

From Josh Hawley (r), yesterday evening, via Twitter:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
One year since the U.S. withdrew from the terrible Iran nuclear deal and Iran is already threatening to stockpile & resume uranium enrichment unless we prop up their failing economy. Our partners and allies should not give in to nuclear blackmail
6:35 PM – 8 May 2019

WTF? Uh, Donald Trump (r) withdrew the United States from the deal.

Some of the responses:

Yes, Josh. When one side fails honor their end of a deal, the other side tends to not keep their end up either. One year of Trump’s policy and what do we have? Iran back to enriching uranium. Americans still in jail or missing. More chaos in the region.

Call me a skeptic but I doubt any man who negotiated his way to losing $1 billion over a decade is going to how the hell to negotiate a complex nuclear deal.

So maybe the “terrible deal” was actually a pretty good deal?

What partners?

Ironic or sarcastic? Your guess is as good as mine.

Don’t you have some kid’s video game to ruin?

That’s definitely sarcastic.

The 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council+Germany+Iran were signatories.The only country to break the treaty & exit the deal is the US.
Deal was verifiable.
The US is pushing Iran into a corner.
Mortifying but true: our country is the one destabilizing this situation.

We abandoned the deal unilaterally, and somehow the Iranians are supposed to be the bad guys for adhering to the deal we abandoned for an additional year?

Does anyone in your office have _any_ respect for your constituents? Your contempt for us and reality is pathetic.

This is perhaps the most dumb tweet you’ve made. And that is an impressive accomplishment.

I’m sad that I have to wait so long to vote against you.

Josh, I’m no foreign policy expert, but it might have something to do with the #BillionDollarLoser withdrawing from the deal for no good reason and against advice from both his Sec. of Defense and National Security Adviser. Also, you are an embarrassment to Missouri.

Well, compared to Donald Trump (r) you certainly are a foreign policy expert.

Hey genius, they weren’t threatening to stockpile & resume uranium enrichment when the “terrible” deal was in force. You sure you went to an elite law school? [….]

One of those fancy ones.

What did we expect to happen? I don’t get “already.” We walked out on the agreement. This had to have been expected, no?

Expect Kim Jong-un to be thinking that it would be stupid to make any deal with Trump.

Your complicity to this failed white house is putting our country in danger.

Thanks to orange Nixon’s tax cut the deficit is higher than ever, you and your cronies are trying to get rid of what little healthcare we have, and now you’re advocating for another war?
Utter bullshit.
Sign up for your own damn war and take the 1% with you.

Whatever trump says the puppet repeats. You are a dangerous sycophant.

We noticed that, too.

What would you expect them to do-we pulled out of the deal. Spare us your fake outrage. It’s similar to how you ran your Senate race running commercials about health care-straight up lying -you were part of the lawsuit. We’re on to you #Gaslighting

You realize you’re owning yourself in this tweet, right?

No. But he did attend one of those fancy law schools.

What allies? We ditched them all when we unilaterally backed out of the agreement.

Senator, I’m not really hearing a solution here. What’s the GOP’s plan here? So far Trump broke America’s word, removing all incentive to slow down Iran’s enrichment program, all while making incendiary comments increasing tensions. What are you doing as my senator to solve this?


Dumbest fucking thing I’ve read today. Good job.

I can’t believe you’re actually whining about Iran not holding up their end of a deal your boss walked away from. You are an empty shirt, and a syncophant of the highest order. A soulless automaton that cannot think for itself.

You and your idiot ignorant party will drag us into a huge war. The republican party has zero clue with regards to common sense, let alone geo-political affairs.

You effing morons.