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Still a true believer.

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2018 file photo].

This morning, via Twitter:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
It’s a shame @SpeakerPelosi is refusing to consider compromise from @POTUS to reopen govn + ensure Americans’ safety + give DREAMERS more certainty. Missed paychecks are devastating to our 800,000 dedicated federal wrkrs, many of whom make less than $50K/year. #compromise
10:38 AM – 23 Jan 2019 from Washington, DC

And we quote: “…The American people gave us the Majority…” The American people gaveth and the American people tooketh away in case you hadn’t noticed.

Much hilarity ensued. Some of the responses:

It’s even more of a shame Republicans don’t vote for a CR they already voted for. Why didn’t solve this “crisis” in 2017 or 2018?

And if you are so worried about low income people, why do you keep on trying to take their health care and food stamps away from them.

Who knew not being a hypocrite would be so hard for some people?

It’s a shame that @senatemajldr would not bring up bills passed by the house for a vote that would of reopened the Government and put those 800, 000 workers back to work with pay. #Trumpshutdown #McConnellshutdown

It’s a shane trump is holding the American people hostage in order to demand what he wants.

A proposal drafted only by Republicans is not a compromise.

If it were a compromise the hostages would not be necessary. Open the gov now, talk wall later, otherwise compromise is just another lie.

Its a shame that you are so behind on the news that Pelosi has sent multiple bills to the Senate to reopen the government. Why hasn’t McConnell allowed any of them to go to a vote?

It is a shame, isn’t it? Who wouldn’t take a deal in which POTUS offers a lesser, stripped down version of something he himself stole to get taxpayers to pay for a massive construction plan with no plans and that he promised somebody else would pay for?

Also it’s your party shutdown and your fault 800,000 have missed paychecks. It is cruel to not open the government and pay the workers. Dems have passed legislation to open the government. What’s your logic to not open the government. Then negotiate.

A three-year deferment for DACA/TPS is hardly “more certainty.”

It’s a shame that you’re holding the government hostage over made up crisis yet continue to blame Dems despite your party controlling the entire gov the last couple years. This is on you guys.

This is the only time you’ve cared about DREAMERS

Where are the Peso’s?

this whole administration is a shame on America. you have the bills, tell @senatemajldr to stop obstructing

Trump said Mexico was paying for the wall. You and the gullible Trumpsters believed him. The republicans held all 3 branches of government until 3 weeks ago. Americans are suffering because the GOP can’t govern. Should Pelosi work a Deal with Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter? SMFH

OMG what a stupid incorrect tweet. POTUS compromise isn’t one.He is giving back part of what he stole from the Dreamers. Would Hartzler Farms agree to a compromise if a valuable tractor was taken by a thief and offered you a compromise of returning it for 10,000 bushels of beans

Why didn’t YOU fix all this in the last two years with Republican majorities and a “Republican” “President”? Makes your party look ineffective, as usual.

It’s a shame @realDonaldTrump threw a temper tantrum, and walked out of a negotiations meeting. Where is the great deal maker? #Trumpshutdown #McConnellshutdown

Oh, Vickster, how quickly you forget (ignore?) ….

And you are who?

A backbencher in the minority party in the House.

It’s a shame that you are working against people’s will, Trump shutdown the government and he is responsible for the mess, majority of the American people don’t support wall. Stop sucking on Trump’s little mushroom.
Look at the facts, your #VanityWall is stupid idea.

Trump and Republicans owns the shutdown, stop kissing moron’s little mushroom and do your job. #GOPShutdown

Why didn’t you deal with this when you had the congressional majority?

Because you wanted a shutdown.

Rehashed bs and you know it. Still complicit with traitor in chief. How many rubles are in Your wallet?

It’s a shame that your party couldn’t accomplish anything while you controlled the house senate and White House. Now you want to blame dems. Quit feeding us bullshit Vick. You’re holding your constituents who are federal employees hostage. Are you going to pay their bills?

Way to work with others Vickster.

Congrats, Vickster … you have been elected to the Political Hall of Idiots … how’s it feel being in the minority party now? It’s the first time I’ve heard you use the word #compromise

Hey Vickster … I missed your vote on this one. Care to tell us how you voted?

Oh my fucking God … you haven’t read or understand Trump’s “compromise”, have you? It’s smoke and mirrors and offers nothing in reality. You’re hopeless, Vickster

Trump could end this shutdown in a minute. Address your concerns to him.

That is NO compromise and you know it. He proposed measures previously turned down. He WANTS to keep govt shut down to dismantle FBI. Shame on you.

May I remind you the reason dreamers have uncertainty is because your beloved fuhrer blew it up!

Not too many are buying what Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) is trying to sell.


Rep. Vicky Hartzler (r), in the House minority, will now be able to totally refocus her legislative agenda on naming post offices (November 7, 2018)

Rep. Vicky Hartzler (r): drinking the beverage marketed to children made with powdered artificially colored and flavored sugar (December 21, 2018)