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Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2018 file photo].

Yesterday, in conjunction with Donald Trump’s (r) campaign speech about the wall:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
Privileged to hear from @vp about the humanitarian and border security crisis & why we need to address both ASAP. @POTUS is negotiating in good faith. It’s time for the democrats to do the same. #ProtectOurFamilies. #StopDrugs
5:25 PM – 8 Jan 2019

We understand that their speeches sounded better in the original Russian.

Some of the responses:

Wait. What has happened to make it an emergency in 2019 and not 2018 or 2017 (when Republicans controlled the House)?

Why was not an emergency until the majority in Congress changed? Can you comment on the revelations concerning Paul Manafort providing polling data to Russia?

There’s that.

Client state.


[Individual 1] wouldn’t recognize « good faith » if it knocked him down in the street and danced an Irish jig on his face.

History will not be kind to you

You and your party are on the wrong side of history.

There is no security crisis, and the humanitarian crisis is because of this afministration’s actions & your compliance. Reopen the government & fix the problem.

Why didn’t you vote for the package your colleagues in the Senate unanimously supported? That’s not good faith Vicky.

Vicky, you will go down as the worst Rep of #MO4 in the history

it’s a bogus lie and trump is cornered, stop being complicit, #NoWallNowNoWallEver #NoWallNoCompromise

*Democrats. Don’t be petty

Hey, we resemble that remark.

You were in the same room? Was his wife there to approve?

How’s it feel being in the minority now, Vickster? And you can stop telling the Democrats what to do. You never listened to them before

Everybody knows there are no crisis at the southern border and more than 800,000 govt workers are not getting their paychecks because of this nonsense stunt.
#WeThePeople will not pay for the stupid wall.
Shame on you Vicky!

You’re privileged to hear lies? How will POTUS ever staff his golf course clubs and hotels without illegal immigrants? #NoWall

You guys had control for two years.
It’s what #Trump campaigned on.
It didn’t pass then, why is it now a crisis?

Ask him where the pesos are.

You think they’d accept payment in Bitcoin? Just asking.

Good faith? You are delusional. Stop supporting this dictator and start representing your constituents.

Like you care. If you cared about women and children, you wouldn’t have held children in cages. Or let the Domestic Violence Act expire. The wall is not fucking happening. You suck as people, not just representatives.


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