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Yesterday evening, from Representative Vicky Hartzler (r):

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
The Senate has done its due diligence in investigating Judge Kavanaugh, and they have found no evidence against him. Furthermore, this was turned into an embarrassing display of partisan vitriol. I support his confirmation and am pleased the Senate has acted accordingly.
4:03 PM – 6 Oct 2018 from Washington, DC

Some of the responses:

Weird how you were silent while the same Senate ignored the lawful nomination of Merrick Garland. Kind of like how you were silent while Trump was caging children and tearing families apart.

You make astonishingly immoral decisions, Congresswoman.

I cannot wait to vote for your opponent, and I’m hoping and praying there are many more like me that are disgusted with the GOP’s gross misuse of power. I voted you in to office, but you have proven that to be a mistake. #VoteBlue

My 3 week old could do a more thorough investigation than the FBI

Care to tell us why money was borrowed from China for your farm bill?

Incomplete investigation.

Get out and vote!

Your opinion won’t matter after you are voted out. Hope you enjoyed your time

I hope she didn’t enjoy it.

And won’t enjoy it after, when she’s scorned for life for being complicit in the criminal corrupt Trump regime.

You sold out your soul to the Republicans and now you are trying to invoke the moral high ground? Women like you make me feel ashamed of my own gender.

I am your constituent, living in MO-04, You will be voted out on Nov 6th, SHAME on you for taking side of sexual predator.

Vicky, here’s hoping we get an actual investigation of Kavanaugh once congressional control changes. The man I saw freaking out on television should not be making such momentous decisions.

“Due diligence in investigating”? “Found no evidence”? You haven’t been paying attention, Vickster [….]

Oh shut it. This investigation is a sham and you are a smear on America


“embarrassing display of partisan vitriol” You Say
This is so very much nicer then shit show.
But then I’v never been accused of being overly nice when reacting to an obvious shit show…

Fuck you!

That’s probably a vote against in November.

The GOP party of Vicky Hartzler, Roy pedophile Moore. Donald pussy grabber Trump. Gym I watched boys getting molested Jordan and now Brett sexual predator Kavanaugh. You hang with some great people Vicky.

* it’s okay if you’re a republican.