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Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2018 file photo].

From Representative Vicky Hartzler(r) via Twitter:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
During his more than 10 years serving on the D.C. Circuit Court, Brett Kavanaugh has shown his ability to respect, uphold, and interpret the Constitution fairly. I hope Senator McCaskill will decide to support his nomination after their meeting tomorrow.
2:24 PM – 20 Aug 2018 from Washington, DC

Wait, is the House in session?

Some of the Twitter responses:

77 days until we vote you out of office
#FireVicky #MO04

That they should release all the documents if he is so wonderful. #FireVicky #LiesMatter

I hope @clairecmc remembers the support the @GOP did not give Merrick Garland and that they are hiding something in Kavanaugh’s records. I hope she votes no and will call her office today to remind her!

@RepHartzler states the the Kavanaugh is ok, so I’m sure nothing in his years covered by unreviewed documents could be all that bad. Or it is…. maybe we should get to read it actually…

If he has nothing to hide they should release all his papers. Transparency is essential to democracy.

Why? Is carrying all that water getting heavy?

Uh huh. So is lying in a hearing for confirmation to be a judge protected in the Constitution?

You/GOP: We’re fine w/treason, corruption, obstruction of justice, kids in cages, attacks on allies, our Constitution & institutions, sleazy payoffs, RU attacks, criminality, thousands of lies, racism, mentally unfit 45 as long as we get judges! And we refuse to show all his docs

Wait, didn’t he get caught lying under oath?

Now that Trump has been implicated in crime to influence the 2016 election by paying off women to cover up his illicit affairs, no Supreme Court Justice should be allowed to go forward. #CrookedTrump #Lockhimup

He lied under oath. Why are you okay with that?

Not if she want my vote in November! He’s literally promised to protect Trump from any indictment! Surely you cannot expect any positive reaction to this ridiculous statement! If you can further the cause of justice, get out of the way!

I hope Senator McCaskill gives him the same amount of time, consideration, and support that you give to your constituents, Congresswoman. #FireVicky


Oh did they release his records?

You know who had a great, moderate record? Merrick Garland.

Do you support review of his past decisions which are being withheld by the GOP? What are you hiding? Tell us why you want to help hide his history?


Now that the president has been implicated in a federal crime, Kavanaugh’s hearings should be delayed. You should be stepping up and demanding investigations into what has happened. Your constituents and country over party Vicky.

I think if over a year left was enough for Republicans to stall a SC nominee, then being implicated in crimes and easily meeting the standards for impeachment is definitely worth blocking anyone trump nominates.
What makes you want to destroy your country like this, vicky?

#ReleaseTheRecords and let WE THE PEOPLE decide. #WhatAreTheyHiding?

This is not the time to think of yourself and reelection. This decision will affect the people long after you are gone. Put the people first.

You must be out of your damn mind. Release the records.

They’re not buying it.

Senator Claire McCaskill (D) [2018 file photo].