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Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) [2015 file photo].

Representative Vicky Hartzler (r) commenting on Twitter about the aftermath of Donald Trump’s (r) performance at the #TreasonSummit:

Rep. Vicky Hartzler @RepHartzler
Glad to see the President clarify that he accepts the American intelligence community’s assessment that Russia meddled in the election [….]
1:50 PM – 17 Jul 2018

Most commenters aren’t buying it:

You must be getting tired. Carrying all that water has to be exhausting.

Okay, that was funny.

Right, but replacing the “would” with “wouldn’t” acrually doesn’t change what he said OR make any actual sense. You are an intelligent woman, Congresswoman, if you are really playing along with this new excuse, you are willfully trying to decieve decent, hard working Missourians.

You’re as awful as he is.

You have got to be kidding me..right?! Let me guess the staffer running your feed is the one who lays hands on to rid the spirits….eyeroll. Maybe you should apply at the NRA I hear they have an opening today Mueller just caught another one…

Thanks! Literally the best LOL of the day. I’ve seen chocolate covered 4 year olds give more convincing denials than that.

You are worthless and a homer. I can’t believe you bought this or did you listen to something I didn’t

I’m honestly disappointed you are now my representative. If this is the kind of behavior you will acquiesce and make ridiculous excuses knowing full well he didn’t stand up to Putin behind closed doors I will be happy to vote against you.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you weren’t my rep.? What an insult to your constituents’ intelligence. #trumppuppet

If you actually believe him I am even more disappointed in you as my congressional representative than I was. You have sold all your dignity and integrity. It is so sad to watch you kowtow to this administration.

You’ve got to be kidding me. You’re being ridiculous.

Not really a clarification when he contradicts it in the very next sentence, is it?

When specifically asked to denounce Putin’s actions and warn him not to do it again, he punted.

He did not clarify! He said it could be others which indicates he does not trust his intel from American intelligence.

Accepting that “clarification” is a dereliction of duty by you.

Disappointed that you are still blindly following party politics. Have you been listening to Mueller? Trump spoke the truth in front of Putin. He lied today. If you can’t stand up &speak out against him &his shady dealings (business &personal) then you should resign

Trump did not take back his statement that he believed Putin’s denial of meddling.

No he didn’t!! The intelligence agencies reported that it was Russia. IT WAS RUSSIA ONLY!! Trump said today it could have others. Trumps afraid to say it was Russia only because he is compromised. So delete your tweet because it is a lie. GOP TRAITORS!!

Bullshit, Trump can’t make up his mind on his story! Plus 2 hours of private time with Putin, is not except able! You work for the COUNTRY, not the PRESIDENT and you should NOT stand for this! I will be glad when you are voted out.

So convenient you have a soundbyte to counter the reality that it wasn’t just one statement misspoken but a continued pattern of refusing to state publicly that it was Russia. Surely you listened to the entire press conference and know this though

He accepted it before he didn’t, and then in the same breath he did it again. and you’re okay with that. Precisely what I’d expect from a #HelsinkiRepublican.

You’re a joke, Vicky.

You really are dumber than a post!

Well that settles it then.

That could be sarcasm.

The full statement, via Facebook:

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler
I’m glad to see the President clarify that he accepts the American intelligence community’s assessment that Russia meddled in the election. There is overwhelming consensus that Russian individuals hacked into DNC headquarters and stole emails which were shared publicly. They also amplified political divisions within America by spreading discord and misinformation on both campaigns through social media. While the investigation is still ongoing, at this time there is no evidence these actions changed the outcome of the election nor evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign. However, these known actions of hacking and social media meddling cannot be tolerated. We experienced Russian meddling here at home in Missouri when a Russian Twitter bot spread disinformation during the Mizzou protests. We know very well that the Russian threat is real and the President must lead on this issue.

Some of the responses:

Have you ever seen a flock of Starlings all flying in the same direction and then for no apparent reason, the birds all suddenly wheel in unison and fly in a different direction — only to all wheel again a few seconds later and, as one, head in yet another direction, and so on, and so on?

Now, just for the fun of it, replace “starlings” with “Republican politicians”……


And if you believe that, Vicky, I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

That tells me all I need to know. You clearly can’t think for yourself. You sit around and wait and then join in. We deserve better

He misspoke in front of the cameras. We can only imagine about what he misspoke on behind closed doors.

Take out the Mizzou reference and this is basically a canned response going throughout congressional pages

Any time that Trump agrees with our intelligence agencies that Russia interfered in our elections, it is because he is forced to say it by public and even GOP backlash. I am sure in a few days he will be right back at saying. “it might have been Russia, it might not have been Russia. ” while hr travels the world, or makes his 5 am tweets, or phone calls to foreign leaders, he continues to insult the leaders of our most precious allies, while he is full of compliments and praises to the leaders of dictatorships. He seems to despise free democratic countries while wishing he could also be a tyrant like Kim Jong Un or Duarte or , even Putin. I don’t think he will change. no matter how much we may wish that he would act more pro-America and more favorably to our allies. It is clear he does not have the best interests of America at heart. He does not hold dear the values that made America great. We are losing credibility all over the world. The fact that you, and others in the GOP continue to support him is tantamount to treason. Please put America before Party.

You are a sell out. I have no interest in being able to travel to Russia without a passport. I’ve voted for you in the past, but never again. And please, don’t return to teaching. I’d hate to think of you teaching your ignorance and prejudice to our children.

You believe him as he read his prepared remarks. I call BS! Hateful nasty Liar Man!

What he should’ve said was, “I’m scared to death of Vladimir Putin, and you should be too.”

This President showed his true colors yesterday. He was disgraceful! “Misspoke” is just one more lie! You follow him in lockstep and join in the disgrace. It’s time the Republicans in Congress get a backbone, take some initiative and govern for what is right for all Americans.

Trump’s clarification is a lie. You are being complicit.

Really? You’re going to believe that BS! You’re acceptance of these lies are part of the problem. He needs to be held accountable!

Dear representative : Yesterday Donald Trump committed TREASON by standing with Putin over our own intelligence services. He is giving aid and comfort to a foreign government who attacked us via the web. US Constitution, Article III, Section 3 says, “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in ADHERING TO THEIR ENEMIES, GIVING THEM AID AND COMFORT. (Capitals mine, for emphasis.) You swore to uphold and defend the Constitution. Only through the impeachment process can you fulfill your duty after today! PLEASE, House, IMPEACH, and, Senate, REMOVE TRUMP!

Oh please……. he doesn’t have a backbone to stand up to Putin face to face. Your backing of Donald shows your lack of a backbone also since you will not hold him accountable. You really need to be voted out of office.

At first you didn’t criticize Trump when he said spontaneously that he believed Putin, not American intelligence, on the question of election interference. You evaded the issue altogether, saying that you couldn’t know what was said behind closed doors in their private meeting. In other words, you are scared to criticize Trump. Now that everyone and his dog – even Fox & Friends! – are critical of Trump you find the incredible courage to say you’re glad that he accepts the US intelligence consensus but then you go on to misstate it! The recent election hacking indictments were against Russian intelligence officials, i.e. agents of the Russian government (not just Russian individuals). Then you refuse to describe what they did accurately. Just as when there are mass shootings you won’t use the word gun in any of your posts, with this issue I note you will not use the phrase “election interference.” But that is what we are talking about – the Russian government interfering in US elections. Why are you so afraid of that phrase? Because it’s true? Because it may be that while there is no evidence that any voting machinery was tampered with in a way that changed a tally, there is still a question as to how Russian government hacking and social media campaigns influenced American voter behavior, particularly because the social media campaigns were carefully targeted. You are not forthright and you’re still trying to protect Trump and your own political career rather than telling people what is going on. It’s behavior like yours and like Trump’s that leads to a loss of faith in elected officials, assuming there is any left. For a change consider the big picture, without reference to your personal ambition.

Yea, you will comment now…sycophant

omg… apparently you really don’t know anything about Russians meddling online. I believe it goes something along the lines of perpetuating fake propaganda through social media…? Kinda similar to posts by Republican law makers…

Guess that means we shouldn’t expect any Congressional leadership on these issues.

Are you kidding me? Trump is lying through his teeth with this “clarification.”. Someone forced him to change his story. He said exactly what he meant at the press conference. While I was watching him yesterday, it reminded me of Nixon going before us on TV declaring “I’m not a crook.” We are in deep trouble here folks and Rep Hartzler chooses to believe a liar over what is glaringly staring us in the face.

Maybe tomorrow he changes his mind again? WTF ?????

Oh, all of this is going to get very interesting. To say the least.