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Mark Alford apparently thinks he has nothing better to do. Yesterday:

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Congressman Mark Alford
[November 10, 2023]
Hey folks, welcome back! Our Capitol Recap is in full swing, and I want to update you on the important work happening in DC.
In DC, and in the district, we’ve been working hard for the people of Missouri’s fourth district.

Some of the responses:

So, we are one week from a government shutdown & you know where “Speaker” Mike Johnson is right now? PARIS, FRANCE. That’s right. He’s abroad to headline a far-right global conference, instead of working on a bill that would fund our government. The @GOP could not care less about this country and is incapable of governing.

[….] Just keep the misinformation stream coming, Mark.

One week from shutting down the government and you are tooting your horn? You should all be forced to sit in your seats until you put together a plan that will pass the Senate. How dare you do anything else until then. Active duty military will go without pay, federal workers will go without pay. Our Nation’s debts and commitments will go unpaid.
All while you continue to snag a paycheck, for doing nothing.

Well, he did make this video.

The new Speaker of the House isn’t even in the U.S. He’s off speaking at a convention in Paris. It’s apparent this group isn’t capable of doing the job they were elected to. Do they even understand what that job is?

no, they don’t.

Important work, like your 3-day weekend with government funding set to expire in 6 days? Just how many of those appropriations bills have passed Congress and been signed into law? We need results, not bombastic rhetoric.

actually it’s a 4 day weekend !

Have yet to see anything you’ve actually done for this state or this district. Except spew nonsense on faux “news” channrls.

Defund the FBI and the CIA

that would please the criminals and terrorists, and repubs.

Putin loves you

So I’ve listened to your most recent BS, and like others have asked, “what are you and your fellow Republicans actually doing? Your recent video is filled with empty double speak.
Instead of passing asinine bills that you know the Senate won’t approve, why not finishing the Budget Bill McCarthy had approved back in May? You and the House majority need to quit grandstanding, and do actual work for the People and the Country.
Also, why are the House Republicans so out of step with the Senate, and most Americans?
You have yet to give honest answers to my questions, here, in emails, and through your Aides in DC. I’m sure I am not alone.

MARK thank you for the information and we MUST stay out of ISRAEL business and let them finish the war without OBIDENS interference. No one ever pays and when no one pays what’s the point of it all

Same planet, different worlds.

Mark Alford (r) [2023 file photo].