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Missouri Sunshine Law (RSMo § 610):

Phelps County judge rules Missouri city tried to ‘intimidate’ woman with ban on city hall visits
Edgar Springs ordered to pay $150 in fines, $44,000 in costs to Rebecca Varney, who criticized finances, police operations


Edgar Springs officials issued a “no trespass notice” to Varney in April 2018, notifying her she could not visit city hall except to attend board meetings. In November 2019, after she had questioned a gathering earlier in the month by the mayor, aldermen and the city maintenance employee, the order was expanded so she could not attend public meetings.

The order was enforced even when David Roland, the attorney who represented Varney, told the police chief that barring Varney was a violation of the Sunshine Law, Beger noted.

“The court wishes to emphasize again, the actions of defendants in this case, apparently seeking to intimidate and silence Varney from exercising her rights to examine and be knowledgeable about the workings of her city government are disturbing, especially when considered in the context of the free and open democratic society in which we are purported to live,” Beger wrote in his ruling.


Too long. It’s been over five years.