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Congressman Mark Alford
[October 27, 2023]
As a career communicator, with more than 35 years of broadcast media experience, and more live on-camera experience than anyone in television history, I will bring a unique skillset to the role that would best help to advocate for Republican success.
That’s why we have decided to announce our candidacy for Vice Chair of the House Republican Conference. With each of my colleagues support, I will help our Conference to deliver our message so that we all will win big in 2024.

Some of the responses:

this is absolutely embarrasing. You can’t legislate, so you want to go back to being a tv teleprompter reading waste of time.

You were elected to help Missouri NOT be on television.
Ask the women at Fox 4 what a good job you did.

“…more live on-camera experience than anyone in television history…”
What a claim. Show the proof.

Mark Alford
4 hours average on air a day for 50 weeks a year for 23 years

That’s quite a record, no doubt. It seems many anchors and hosts with 24 years experience or more could make the same claim.

It’s hard to believe when Don Alhart (winner of 5 Edward R Murrow awards) has been in TV news for over 57 years and is still on the air.

He should apply to Guiness Book of World Records lol,

Mark Alford
I have 23,000 hours
Regis philben has the Guinness record 16,572 I think
Because he paid to get listed
I’ve got him beat by well over 5,000 hours

Dude, you’re comparing yourself to a happy talk talk show host.

Application process does not cost anything when applying to break an existing record…go for it.

Mark Alford
did and that’s not what I got from them

How is this all relevant or of any importance?

Hoping you are voted into the position! Your experience is needed!

his experience reading a teleprompter?

“We” have decided? “Our” candidacy?


Mark Alford (r) [2023 file photo].