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Just not at Yale.


Senator Josh Hawley
[August 4, 2023]
Sen. Josh Hawley Slams Biden’s ‘Unbelievable’ Use of DOJ Against Trump: ‘Unprecedented in American History’

Breitbart? Heh.

Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check. Arraignment. Check.

Some of the responses to Josh Hawley (r):

Hawley is a clown

The jury will decide….not Josh.

Good grief.

Yeah, well, that’s kinda on Trump, though.

And yet fabricating unsavory business dealings of the current president is fine? Stick with cheering on coups, Senator, it’s the only thing you’re good at.

Every right wingnut accusation is actually a confession.

You ought to have asked yourself why you chose to get involved in J6 (voting against the electoral vote) and raising objections about another state’s vote. No matter how many excuses you can come up with, you really had no basis to object and vote against the electoral count.

You know what is unprecedented in American history? A sitting president refusing to accept his loss in an election, demanding that a state secretary of state “find” him some votes in a state he lost, pressuring his Vice President to violate the Constitution by declaring him the winner of the election he lost, sitting on his hands while a mob he incited ransacks the capital building and threatens the lives and safety of members of Congress and the Senate. Don’t orchestrate a coup if you can’t do the time.

The more than five-hour closed-door interview with Devon Archer by the House Oversight Committee, released hours before Trump’s appearance to face a third list of charges, provides fresh insight into how President Joe Biden’s youngest son used his relationship with his father, who was then vice president, to court foreign investors. Archer said Hunter Biden was using the “illusion of access” in Washington. Republicans on the panel hope to use their work to prod impeachment proceedings against the president. However, though pressed repeatedly, Archer offered no tangible evidence that Joe Biden’s role in his son’s work was more than saying hello during their daily family calls. Archer testified that over the span of their decade-long business relationship, Hunter Biden put his father on the phone around 20 times while in the company of associates but “never once spoke about any business dealings.” At one point, Archer was asked point blank: “Are you aware of any wrongdoing by Vice President Biden?” He responded, “No, I’m not aware of any.”

What’s unprecedented is a President with over 70 indictments. Over 400 witnesses that have testified and not a single one is a Democrat, all were Republicans. Multiple judges ruling against him that were nominated by Trump himself. And now three different grand juries of his peers have indicted him. Not to mention his own Attorney General has called him out for being crooked. But go ahead and blame it on Biden…because you have nothing else to offer. Other than the fact you are a former Attorney General who doesn’t believe in the rule of law.

Stop your lies. Over 70 witnesses, all REPUBLICANS and associates of Trump testified to the grad jury. Based on their SWORN testimony he was indicted. Our justice system works. And frankly you should also be indicted for what you did.

And of course, only one of the fascist propaganda network media outlets would carry your message, Sen. Running Fistpump Oathbreaker, as usual…
When do you expect to be targeted for your part in the failed coup?
You are an embarrassment to a rule of law constitution based democratic republic and Missouri!

JOSH-THE-TRAITOR STANDS MOOT. Yesterday afternoon, Donald Trump formally denied any guilt in the four federal conspiracy charges against him for his attempted coup after losing the 2020 election. We all watched in horror — in real time, on live TV — the unprecedented attack on the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021. And we all witnessed Trump’s silence and inaction for hours as the violence that day escalated.

You poured gasoline on the BIG LIE and still have yet to provide any evidence of a “stolen election” nor a single prosecution for widespread election fraud. [….]

Yes, the insurrection senator always has to be bashing slamming shaking his tiny little fists

What’s unprecedented will be what history will say about the cowardice of the Republicans!

What part of “Special Counsel” do you jot understand?

They didn’t cover that at Yale.

What? The crock who once held the highest office in the land is now facing the music for his illegal actions on many fronts with more to come…you should be ashamed of yourself for continually and knowingly lying to the public to further your own political agenda. You are a bigot, sexist, traitor who has only proven you can run fast…shame on you!

Stop pandering for votes, you opportunistic toad!
You’re only flapping your “outrage” for another chance to ride the coattails of the Orange Traitor.
Be a real man and go down with him. You’re definitely cut from the same cloth. You’ve failed Missouri multiple times and have yet to own it.

Biden has nothing to do with Trump being indicted. He is not weaponizing the DOJ against Trump. A special counsel found Trump had violated the law. He was indicted by everyday American citizens in a grand jury. If he didn’t want to get indicted then perhaps he shouldn’t have broken the law. Josh, you simply make yourself look like a pathetic cuckold for continuing to blow these dog whistles and supporting this criminal.

Lol. How many of trumps cronies were convicted and pardoned under trumps doj?
Lol. Do you not understand how grand jury proceedings work?
Yale huh.


Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].