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Eric Schmitt (r) [2022 file photo].


Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
The Republican Party is now and always should be the home for working class, blue collar families.
8:38 AM · Jun 27, 2023

Thye still don’t have a seat at the table, though they are all on the menu.

Some of the responses:

I never understood why they weren’t in the past.

Then you’d think that Saints Nixon and Reagan would have been excommunicated by now.

Its policies have never been farther from benefiting the working class. This would, however, explain your previous tweet deriding the protection of truthful information.

Yes, the party that takes their money and pisses on them while handing it to ChristoFacists & American Oligarchs is definitely the party for hardworking Americans who get by on sweat & blood, many in Biden infrastructure jobs. WILD gaslighting job, tho, @gop. #UnionStrong #DemocratsDeliver

Yeah? Clue us in when you actually do anything to benefit the lives of the working class, blue collar families.

Republicans oppose workers’ rights and only care about fattening the bosses’ pockets.

I don’t even need the sarcasm font on this comment sir. The last time Republicans were for working class and blue collar (some of us white collar are working class too) was when Eisenhower led the Republican Party, you guys don’t support Unions or a living wage.

Then why is the Republican party constantly cutting taxes for the ultra wealthy? [….]

Nobody who works for a living should have anything but contempt for lazy corrupt Republican thieves.

You are lying. Your party does nothing for the middle class. You’re trying to destroy public education, science, medical care, and trust in fair elections through lies and misinformation.

The Republican Party has always been the home for the wealthy and corps. They fight for deregulation, especially when it comes to the safety of workers or food safety. In 2017, they gave the wealthiest and corps. the biggest unpaid for tax breaks but screwed the middle class.

So you agree, Unions are vital part of the working class? Minimum wage should be raised? And we should close the wealth gap so that the lower and middle class folks that keep businesses running should not be living paycheck to paycheck?

If only your policies showed that.

As long as they are white and straight and only read the books the GOP approves of at the local library.

[….] That’s wildly inaccurate. Even when I was a Republican I knew that wasn’t true.


It has never been home for the working class, it’s always been a safe haven for big corporations that want huge tax breaks at the expense of working class blue collar workers

Raise the minimum wage
Protect union rights
Fund public schools
Cut taxes on incomes below $125k
Tax the rich
Build infrastructure in rural and urban working class communities
Build public transportation
Enhance voting rights for the working class poor

Put up or shut up

“Should be”? But not even in the same ballpark.

Union busting, trying to repeal ACA, lower minim wages, against Medicaid expansion…how does any of that help blue collar families?

Is that because of Republican support for “right-to-work” laws, a lower minimum wage, foreign ownership of US land and companies, and offshoring?

True, if they’re working class billionaires.

Wasn’t the Republican Party in MO responsible for RTW, but labor rallied and told you NO! Republicans are not for blue collar working families.

I’ve not seen much from the billionaire tax cut. Maybe you have the check in the mail, Er?

Well Eric Missourians know that’s a crock of crap!!

It’s not though. Working class blue collar families are just the blood you rich republicans feed off of in acts of exploitation. The jig is up

The GOP keeps trying to push right to work and weaken labor unions. What are you doing do benefit anyone except yourself and your wealthy donors?

You are a laughing stock.

A working class with no health insurance, earning minimum wage of $5/hour and paying a higher proportionate share of their income to taxes than the Republicans who warped America’s tax policy. Yeah. A real hero for the working class.

…. but mostly billionaires. Definitely billionaires, those are the priority, ya?

Definitely not

That sir is a lie.

No Eric, you’re not.

Those of you about to get better internet access can thank Democrats.

No, it’s not and hasn’t been for a while now. And while we’re at it, it’s not the party of women’s rights, small government, letting families make decisions about their children’s healthcare and equity for all, either!

Oh, that would explain why you became a corporate attorney and spent your life helping corporations against working people.

Since when?

Yea the party that doesn’t support social security, Medicare, healthcare, job training, college tuition assistance, and minimum wages, unions. Oh such support for the working class!

LOL. This Republican Party shifts the tax burden to working class families to give rich families tax breaks, doesn’t think working families should have affordable healthcare, and undermines safety regulations for workers at every turn.

This Republican Party attempted a coup.

Eric is wrong again. Tactic of repeating a falsehood to convince people it’s true. Very fascist of you.

No it has been the party of the super rich since Reagen and his voodoo economics . Trickle down does not work and will never work.

This is the funniest thing I have a long time.

You attack wages, you attack, benefits, you attack unions, you attack worker protections, you saddle the middle class with billionaire in corporate tax breaks, and now you’re trying to pollute our water and air with impunity.

We’re here for the ratio.