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Mike Parson (r) [2022 file photo}.

Friday morning:

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Governor Mike Parson @GovParsonMO
Missouri is on the move. Businesses are investing, growing, and creating jobs in our state.

Our unemployment rate is at 2.5 percent and employment increased by 3,700 jobs in May.
9:48 AM · Jun 16, 2023

Some of the responses:

Why would businesses want to move here when we’re in favor of poisoning the air and water, trans people are fleeing the state, queer people are terrified, and women and people who can get pregnant are treated as less than human?

Thanks President Biden!

People are on the move OUT of Missouri bc the Republican dominated @MoGov prefers giving tax breaks to billionaires, instead of funding our schools, infrastructure, & teachers pay. You’ve stolen our Rights to women’s healthcare. It’s a pit of misery, & I’d leave too if I could.

You’re welcome!!!

And yet we have kids living without food, teachers paid the least in the nation, schools closing or going to 4 day weeks because of a lack of funds, and rural hospitals closing all around the state. But, thank the Lord corporations are making money.

Your state is stagnant with no appreciable growth in the last five years. This is due to the GOP supermajority making the state hostile to investment by pursuing a radical and extreme social agenda that seeks to criminalize large portions of the population.

Unemployment is at 2.5% and food insecurity state wide is 11.6% affecting 800,000 Missourians. The working poor of Missouri deserve so much more than a 20 year supermajority of republicans in #moleg.

Couldn’t pay people enough to live in a regressive state like MO.

Mike. What is wrong with you?

Sorry Governor but the facts say otherwise. Major employers are avoiding Missouri line the plague and more businesses are moving out. You have a dying off elderly residency and the younger generation wants no part of this backward state.

Because, Missouri:

Great. Now let’s move to establish constitutionally protected rights for Missourians to own, hold, use, and mine #Bitcoin like other states have established.

I’m all for that, but… Not for selling out Missourians To The Global Communist Agenda (WEF, NWO , Great Reset, ESG, CBDC…) nor MO land to communists. How is it that so many Missourians worked hard for SB100 & [….] If y’all (Plocher & etc) in JCity are not corrupt, prove it!