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Asleep for over twenty years.

Jay Ashcroft (r) [2021 file photo]


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Jay Ashcroft @JayAshcroftMO
This is a very troubling development. The Communist Chinese government has infiltrated MO and using our land to assault our way of life. I wrote legislation to forbid China from buying ANY land in Missouri, but the Jeff City insiders refused to stand up to China. The China threat is real and as Governor, I will put a stop to their activities in our state.
1:26 PM · Jun 17, 2023

It’s your party, Jay.

Some of the responses:

Writing legislation isn’t your job as secretary of state. What an embarrassment you are. Unelectable even.

Jeff city insiders? All those republicans. Since this state has been run by republicans for decades. Insiders likes @Eric_Schmitt Who people like you backed and voted for. Will Missouri voters fall for it again?

Yes. This has been another edition of Short Answers to Simple Questions.

This is your party, Jay?!

We said that.

Thanks to Republicans, eh?

The GOP had held the MO legislature for 20 years. This is all on you.

How long has the @MissouriGOP held a super majority to completely controlled Missouri politics?

Who voted to sell Missouri farmland to foreign buyers, Jay? Tell the folks the truth.

Hint: It was the Missouri GOP supermajority in 2013.

You mean the Republucam leaders that allowed the purchase.

“Jeff City insiders?” Correction: Republicans in Jeff City. Democratic Governor Jay Nixon VETOED the bill allowing the sale of farmland to China, and the GOP-dominated legislature overrode his veto.

Like we believe you-it was the GOP that did this on the first place.

Oh jeez @Eric_Schmitt this is gonna be awkward. Who’s gonna tell Jay why?

You had a 20 year supermajority. You are the one you criticize.

Your hypocrisy is astounding.

Gaslighting, really.

“Jeff City insiders” = Republicans, Jay. You’re one of them.

Have a look in the mirror.

@JayAshcroftMO the Jeff city insiders have been republicans for the last 20 years. You as Governor is NOT the answer to Missouri problems.

Wait…aren’t the “insiders” your own party dumbass? Do you think we don’t know you have a super majority of the legislature and administration? Are you too much of a coward to say it’s your own party?

That’s the problem with legacies…

It was the GOP in MO that refused the block foreign buyers in MO farmland. The calls are coming from inside your own house Jay.

These “insiders” you speak of, is it the same GOP members who have controlled the Missouri legislature for decades??

Yes. This has been another edition of Short Answers to Simple Questions.

GOP did this in 2013. You are in the wrong party if this is your issue.

It’s hard to take you seriously.

Your hypocrisy is mind boggling


Missouri’s retrograde politics coming home to roost.

Our way of life? What is that supposed to mean?

Dude… it’s on you. “Jeff city insiders”????

Republicans have had total political control of Missouri for 20 years. Anything that you think is a problem is the fault of the MO GOP.

Man, and I thought your dad was a buffoon. You far surpass him.

When people get confused about the term “gaslighting” I’m going to refer them to this tweet. Your party is the exact reason MO farmland was sold off to China. In fact the MO GOP overrode a veto to make it happen. It’s amazing lying is expected from GOP politicians nowadays.

You must really believe people are idiots, Jay. Maybe supporters of your own party.

The Republican Party is Missouri literally okayed this. What a bunch of stinking hypocrites you all are.

There’s all that.