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…She’d have her dogma ready made,
And when she messages far right,
Most others won’t feel safe at night.

Yesterday from Ann Wagner (r):

Ann Wagner @AnnLWagner
The Left’s woke agenda is a war on our culture and values.

I am not afraid to fight for sanity and against delusion.
4:38 PM · May 23, 2023

Some of the responses:

When I hear someone use the word “woke” I know they have no idea what they are discussing!

Imagine applying all your energy and talent toward securing a seat in Congress, then using it to spout off vapid, divisive, culture-war trash tweets.
GOP politicians are accountable for this poison.
But a tiny part of me is sad to see them grovel to a base that terrifies them.

U-Haul driver

There’s no hate
Like Xtian love

What is the woke agenda? Isn’t woke just a right wing whistle?

How would you know our agenda?
You’ve literally never talked to us.
You never have office hours in this part of the district.
You have never held a town hall opened to the general public in your over 10 years as a member of Congress.

Imagine having the power to fundamentally improve peoples lives and deciding to play culture warrior instead. You’re an embarrassment and people like you are why I will never step foot in a church again.

The agenda is freedom & liberty.

Will put you down as opposing

Define woke Ann

With all due respect, what culture and values are being attacked? If Racism and Bigotry is your culture and defined by your religion. It’s time to set new culture norms and get a new religion.

Can you describe “woke”?

Woke as ever to defeat you and the fascists.

What about the left’s informed, educated concern for community issues is a war on our culture and values? Being educated and concerned about what’s going on in our country is a good thing! Why is the right against that?

You are afraid to meet with constituents. Don’t act all big and brave. [….]

What “sanity” are you fighting for – by fanning division in the state and country?

The “woke agenda” is freedom, liberty, justice and presumption of equality under law.

You just line the pockets of the rich.

Don’t bring us into this…this is your war on folks, not ours.

Ann, you aren’t fighting for sanity, you aren’t fighting delusion

Your platform is just hating the gays and trans people

You have nothing else

What is with Republicans and their fascination with the word “woke”? Do any of you ever think independently or is there some playbook that you have to follow?

Your culture and values suck.

I’ve lived in your district for nine years and I have no idea what your voice sounds like

The only reason you are still on Congress is that your District is gerrymandered. You don’t represent our values

You can’t even define woke

Wind up dolls. They all say exactly the same things with zero details and zero understanding of their own references.

So tired of these being the talking points. You need to have town halls or meet with your constituents- you need to find out how to actually help you community. This is not it.

Ooh, good use of buzzwords, Ann! Can you define “woke agenda” in your own words?

You’re an embarrassment.

You misspelled inclusion.

“Our” culture? “Our” values?

Who are you talking about? White supremacists? Racists? Bigots? Homophobes? Are you one of those? Are you all of those?

The only insane person around here is you.

Lady what the hell are you talking about?

Are you fucking serious? The left is just trying to live their lives and your crazy extremist party just keeps attacking at every turn. Taking women’s rights, banning books, banning history, attacking LGBT, trying to turn America into a christofascist hellscape.

You don’t get to define the fucking culture any more, lady.

Ann, why do you hate America?

That’s some ratio.