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And Helen Gahagan Douglas was found to have voted with Vito Marcantonio.

Mark Alford (r) [2022 file photo].

Yesterday afternoon:

Mark Alford @RepMarkAlford
FACT: Joe Biden’s family took MILLIONS OF DOLLARS from adversaries.

Question that needs answering: Is our national security jeopardized because of it?
1:33 PM · May 13, 2023

Question that needs answering, Mark: You had a job in the news business? Really?

Some of the responses:

Where’s the evidence?

Mark Mark Mark …. you are such a liar

It’s not ‘FACT’ unless there is documentation. Present it in the proper forum, rather than tweeting about it repeatedly.

You have no evidence (facts) to support your claims of some illegality. I am interested in how you would assess the billions Jared got from the Saudis.

You’re joking, right? You’re really talking about your former guy, right? Thought so.

Bad combover. Check. Too long red tie. Check. Orange spray tan. Check. Tiny hands. Check. Cluelessness. Check…

Jesus, I just cant listen to the utter and completely unsubstantiated crap that comes out of your bigoted and extremely biased mouth little man.

ask Jared where he got $2b and why?

Fact: You have no proof. Fact: None of these people hold office. Fact: Joe is not on the list. Fact: There is proof that SCOTUS judges are not reporting millions from benefactors but y’all don’t seem to care. Why is that?

Wacko @RepMarkAlford on the PROWL again Out embarrassing the citizens of the 4th District of Missouri again!!

Again stop saying shit unless you’re going to show proof

Bring it on. Talk is talk. Where’s your evidence?

So private citizens made money from foreign companies, but you have no evidence of any wrongdoing or profiteering by Joe Biden himself?

Did I get that right?

I thought you were going to just campaign as a wack job then legislate being normal. Was that a lie or do you think this is normal news guy?

Mark, this is the highest compliment I can possibly pay you for all you have done for MO4.

You are an uneducated college dropout whose big thing in life is being a hypocrite Christian who spews misinformation that he does not understand and loves to bully and is a Divisive POS

What a doofus you are, Alford. SMH

FACT: @realDonaldTrump’s family took BILLIONS OF DOLLARS from adversaries

@RepMarkAlford doesn’t want to face the question that needs answering: Is our national security jeopardized because of it?

None of @GOP wants to… they’ve made that perfectly clear

They ain’t buying it, Mark.