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It’s hard to tell.

Bassists can be really into bassism.

Too easy.

As always, we don’t allow ignorant comments out of moderation to be linked with the original post, but we will present some of them in subsequent posts for the purpose of public derision and mockery. As we see fit.

We see fit.

We’ve been getting more attempted trolling comments submitted in response to Eric Schmitt (r) has serious concerns about the financial dealings of Clarence Thom…oh, wait (May 5, 2023):

You’ve got to be kidding! All of you. Sorry to tell you this but corruption permeates our government at all levels. Democrat, Republican, all skunks – the bassist opportunist to say they’re out to help us but enrich themselves. Go into elected public service and you will come out a millionaire just like Clinton, Obama, and Biden.

Jared got a $2, investment deal. Curiously, you didn’t mention that. So much for non-partisan, eh?

If “corruption permeates our government at all levels” as you assert, the subject of the post alone definitely indicates we’re not kidding.

All of who?

Millionaires? Name them. All of them.

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