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Mike Moon (r) [2018 file photo].

Because he believes that nothing is wrong with this.


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Senate Democrats @MoSenDems
BREAKING: Republican Senator Mike Moon seeks to clarify his endorsement of child brides after a clip went viral of him supporting 12 year olds getting married.

In his clarification, Sen. Moon wants everyone to know the girl was 11, not 12, and she was impregnated. #moleg
2:20 PM · Apr 13, 2023


Some of the responses:

OMG!!! The parents should be in jail.

Ah, well, that makes it all fine then. /s

What year is it again?

This explanation does not help explain the confidence in his position. In fact, why would parents support this travesty?

Oh, that makes it much better. Jesus

The “young man“ was 12. At 12, you are not even a teenager, much less a young man. He was a child, as was she. You know some horrible religion was involved to sanction the child abuse. I am so sorry for those kids.

Well, that makes it all better. Shotgun weddings are so underrated.

These Republicans are insane. No intelligent & civilized society supports this.

Yeah. That’s doesn’t help his position at all.

Every time he clarifies this story, he makes it worse.

Keep digging, Mike sweetie. The whole just keeps getting deeper.

Why did they even need to get married then? Never mind, being rational is too high a bar.

FFS, he’s making it worse.

WTF? Does Senator Moon not understand how dangerous that was for the pregnant child? And are we so disconnected each other that he didn’t think we would be horrified by his answer?

This is supposed to be a standard for our children? What is wrong with these people?

Not the least bit better. He’s as ignorant as they come. [….]

In the news:

Missouri senator says he doesn’t support adults marrying children, after comments went viral


Moon said the example he was referring to is a couple he has known for about 40 years.

“The young man was 12; the girl was 11,” he said. “Their parents allowed them to marry. There was no forcing in the situation. But the parents wisely took the boy to their home, and the girls’ parents took her to their home.

“Eventually a child was born to the girl, and then years later, when they were able to support themselves and they were more mature, they were able to begin living together, and still living together today,” Moon said, adding the 2018 legislation would’ve made that type of marriage illegal.



This is Missouri (April 12, 2023)

You might want to stop digging, Mike (r) (April 12, 2023)