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Mike Moon (r) [2018 file photo].

Mike Moon @realmikemoon
Something that is often missing is the back story. With regard to my answer, I did not discuss the details: a 12 year old impregnated a minor of similar age. With consent of the parents, they married… and are still married today.
2:01 PM · Apr 12, 2023

Some of the responses:

So this girl was raped & impregnated at 12. She was then forced into “marriage” & CHILD BIRTH while still in middle school, just so the church could “bless” her being raped forever by her “husband.” Now you tell us she’s still trapped today & that’s supposed to make it better?

Mike Moon (r) keeps digging:

Mike Moon @realmikemoon
You clearly did not understand. Her parents consented – no force. Their marriage is thriving.
3:09 PM · Apr 12, 2023

I’m trying to figure out if you’re being serious, or just trolling.

It doesn’t matter if their marriage lasts 70 years. It shouldn’t have started when she was 12 yrs old. The parents never had the right to give their consent. We don’t live in a Third World country

Ahem, Missouri.

It’s impossible that two married 12 year olds are thriving. This is just horrible. I hope this is just a story he made up to try to cushion his position and it’s backfired on him.

With all due respect, Mr. Moon: you’re arguing semantics.

At the first mention of someone questioning whether the marriage of a 12-year-old is acceptable, your answer shouldn’t be “it’s up to the parents.”

It isn’t up to the parents. We answer to a rule of law.

Also don’t lose focus on the mealy mouthed “minor of similar age” which means the girl was probably even younger than 12.

We don’t actually know that. It’s bad enough as it is.

Disgusting. People want to know what is happening in the USA. Fascism and it is hitting the GOP States first. Next, you will want 9-year-olds to work in unregulated factories.

The back story is that a 12-year-old child was raped because, as a 12 yr old, she cannot offer consent.

And no sex education classes because that would be grooming. Epic fail on his example and defense.

Do you really think that makes it valid?

Ah that’s absolutely fine then – carry on promoting that backstory [….] dear lord America you are so so broken

Gross. What’s wrong with you?

That’s not marriage. That’s rape

So you want 12 year olds giving birth more freely

The scariest part is that you think there is an explanation

Define ‘similar age’ here.

You disgust me.

This doesn’t have the mitigating effect you might hope.

And that makes it okay? Sure sounds like rape, not consent.

Let me first say that a 12 year old girl is not capable of giving informed consent – she is a child for heavens sake
Anybody arguing it was OK for a grown man to marry a 12 year old girl is a GROOMER – pure and simple!
You should be ashamed of yourself
#PedophileEnabler #GROOMER

There’s no circumstance where it’s OK for 12 year olds to marry each other.
If you can’t drive yourself to the courthouse or chapel you shouldn’t be getting married.

Becoming a parent does not instill a sudden well of common sense, knowledge, or good decision-making. Some parents, like these, who would consent to marriage and sex between children are committing child abuse.

Hey Mr Freedom Mike… the freedom to marry at age 12 isn’t freedom. That’s straight up creepy and disgusting.

12 years old.

You’re approving marriage for minors.

There is no further explanation needed.

Something that is missing, Mr. Moon, is even a modicum of sense from you. But hey, congratulations! You’ve garnered national attention with your comments, so now it’s not just folks in Missouri who will be helping your opponents going forward. Have a great day!

That is still rape even if they are young. Forcing marriage on the 12 year old rape victim is NOT Justice.

You claim to hate groomers, yet here you are being a mouthpiece for groomers, giving them the power to rape little girls who cannot consent to rape. But you claim a piece of paper from the government gives those groomers the right to do as they wish

You’re disgusting.

So they should be allowed to vote then??

We all know the back story and it’s despicable.

Twelve year olds can’t drive, enlist, work 40 hours a week, vote, buy ATF, but can marry and raise a child? Since you’re a champion of this, I assume you’re sponsoring a Minors Raising Minors act where medical and living expenses will be paid for them? No? Didn’t think so.

Jfc, that does NOT make it ok. She’s trapped. Nasty child fookers. Talk about #Groomer

What exactly is of similar age? This is still an abomination. She was raped, you sick SOB.

So you left the door open for adults to marry kids? Simple question, Mike.

So a raped 12 year old should be forced into marriage and parenthood with no education and no means to support said “family”? And no social systems to help, because the GOP opposes all of that as “socialism”. Keep them ignorant & enslaved seems to be what you’re about.

There’s no fcking back story! No children should be married and raped under any circumstance! Unfckgbelievable.

So, would be your opinion be if the marriage was NOT thriving?

WTF does “minor of similar age” mean – was the girl even younger?

Was this child allowed to finish school or immediately indentured to the life of mother and wife?

The fact you think the marriage is thriving shows you also don’t understand how grooming works.

Uh… with absolutely zero respect… you’re fucking vile.

So wait….no minor transgender surgeries, no tattoos without consent, but “it depends” on a 12 yer old getting married?

You’re a sick fuck.

There is NO possible context that makes what you said ok.

Your party is for 12 year old children being married.

Your position is: better a 12 year old child be forced to marry their rapist than an abortion happen.

There is NO fucking cleaning that up moron!

Great logic you ignorant jerk. You are an embarrassment to Missouri.

Please stop yourself from talking right now.

My God, stop talking.

This isn’t better. Babies having babies IS NOT BETTER.

Seriously, what in the Hillbilly Fuckery is wrong with you. Caveman talk.

Honestly, this was a horrible take by you. I am disgusted as a fellow human.

In Missouri.


This is Missouri (April 12, 2023)