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It isn’t an act. He really is that stupid.

Mark Alford (r) [2022 file photo]..

Yesterday, from Mark Alford (r), privileged traveler:

Mark Alford @markalfordkc
Thanks Mayor Pete!!! Sitting on SW flight at KCI. Was supposed to leave at 2, then 4, then 6, then 9pm, now back to 4! Turns out shortages at the air traffic control in Florida is causing unwarranted confusion. The Captain is now late because HE didn’t even know what time to be here. The “Peter Principal” is alive and well!!! @SouthwestAir @PeteButtigieg
Last edited 4:50 PM · Mar 12, 2023

A single exclamation mark will do, Mark (r).

The International Air Transportation Association (IATA) lists MCI as the airport’s designator code. But, you already knew that, didn’t you?

Some of the responses:

what a lazy and weak politician.

sees problems and points fingers instead of looking for solutions.

Mark Alford (r) responds in turn:

Mark Alford @markalfordkc
Here’s the solution: Fire Mayor Pete and get a new Secretary of transportation
4:55 PM · Mar 12, 2023

He’s stupid and he’s twelve years old. That’ll work in the republican House majority.

More responses:

how about practical solutions Representative Alford?

your elected position doesn’t involve appointing DOT exec, but you ARE empowered to legislate.
what legislative solutions are available Representative Alford?

That makes it better how?

Will the next one have the budget to hire and train more controllers? But new equipment?

Maybe since the ATC shortage is in FL, we fire DeSantis? That makes as much sense as firing the Transportation Secretary who does not personally hire Air Traffic Controllers either. [….]

That may give you an orgasm but it won’t solve the controller problems.

What a lame response! Just shows your lack of depth.

Nope. Not a solution. That’s finger-pointing for clicks and likes. Disappointed (but not surprised) you don’t know the difference. And btw, if you understand the difference but post anyway, that doesn’t make you clever.

It just makes him a stupid and petulant twelve-year-old.

How about you bought GQPers stop deregulation.

So just tear down what you don’t like…. Got it. That’s good leadership.

What have you done that’s constructive? Nothing.

How will that fix your delay?

Because flight delays are a new thing?? LOL you’re a joke.

Cabinet Secretaries are in charge of staffing? Perhaps all the Florida politicians are responsible? Odd that GOP lawmakers can’t be taken seriously. All theater, no governing.

Maybe when you get back to DC, you could go into your office and respond to the many emails, letters, phone calls and other inquiries that have been sent from your constituents in the 4th district of Missouri. You are failing to respond to your constituents!

I live in your district and yet haven’t seen anything you have done besides follow along with no direction. Where is better health care your party has promised? Why are you all against everybody paying social security on all there income like I had all the years I worked.

You are an ass. Shut up.

You have the emotional intelligence of a fucking 5-year-old.

I figured a twelve-year-old, but okay.

Man, no reason to think Southwest could have played any role in this based on our evidence…100% some politician’s fault. gotta be.
if you think southwest is giving you the full story, you’re somehow dumber than your twitter profile makes you look.

Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner.

You’re sure a disappointment! And I didn’t expect much.

Florida? Isn’t this a DeSantis problem then?

GFY Alford.

Could someone bring Mark his coffee?

You’re just as whiny and negative as you were on the local news. What an embarrassment you are to Missouri.

And your background is . . . reading the news [….]

What is it with short men and chips on their shoulders? You left being an eye-rolling performative morning news presenter to be a useless performative politician.

Exactly what did Mayor Pete do to cause this problem?

You are a literal joke. It doesn’t take any type of skill to simply repeat the same tired talking points as every other GOP politician.

Of course you spent your life reading off a teleprompter so why am I surprised.

MAGA is just about bitching and whining. Nothing more, nothing less. Snowflakes with no solutions

Jhc, stop your whining & bitching. I’d be more concerned that your Captain doesn’t know when to be at work, that’s the airlines fault.

So the pilot not checking is scheduled is the Secretary of transportation’s fault? Are you really that stupid? Does it hurt being that stupid?

Are you part of the problem, the solution, or just a total dumb ass? I think we all know. Even the few that liked you on tv.

Is it that some action, or inaction by Buttigieg/DOT is responsible in any way shape or form for this particular flight delay? OR is it that maybe, just maybe, Southwest is just a bad airline which is constantly plagued by delays? You’re such an infantile pillock.

Mark, I really appreciate you making more people aware of just how much of an asshole you are. Propose a solution, dipshit.