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Eric Burlison (r) [2016 file photo].

On Wednesday:

Rep. Eric Burlison @RepEricBurlison
Protect women’s sports.

Women should not be forced to compete against men.
11:04 AM · Mar 8, 2023

A priority, apparently.

The responses:

Oh again! I forgot how supportive Republican men are of women’s sports! [….] Are you going to increase funding and scholarships? Work for pay equity? #GOPFakeCultureWar

Aww look at you Eric… caring about the environment and women’s sports all in the last month, how very woke of you, sir! (You’re smarter and better than this).

“…You’re smarter and better than this.” Evidently not.

Your social media 🤡 is stealing money from you, @EricBurlison. Just the laziest money they’ve made in their life. They think you’re a sucker.

Dude, get the fuck out of the People’s House with this pandering bullshit.