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During today’s demonstration for trans rights in front of the capitol in Jefferson City open windows on the southeast front of the building had individuals watching the proceedings, with at least one of the open windows a source of loud music. Given the volume of the music the sound must have been deafening in the source office. It’s probable that these particular offices were those for republicans since the small Democratic minorities in either chamber do not get their pick of prime office real estate. We didn’t check, though.

The reactions were amusing. Once photographers started taking images of individuals standing at the windows, when those persons noticed the attention they were getting, they backed away from the windows or closed the windows. In one instance an individual standing at a closed window closed the blinds when they noticed cameras recording them.

A 400 mm lens will do that. Heh.

They were most probably republicans by their demeanor. We’ll correct the record if we’re mistaken.

Democrats were outside in solidarity with the demonstrators.

House Minority Floor Leader Crystal Quade (D).

Representative Keri Ingle (D).

House Assistant Minority Floor Leader Richard Brown (D).


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