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Right wingnut dogma.

Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

This morning:

Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Today I’m introducing legislation to set an age requirement of 16 to open a social media account. Protect kids online
8:23 AM · Feb 14, 2023

But, they can still hide under their desks at school.

Some of the responses:

How old to incite an insurrection?

There was another school shooting last night, Senator. You’re focusing on the wrong thing.

There is only one true clause to the one true Amendment, everything else is just noise.

Protecting kids from mass shootings at school first would be preferable!!

Great – now do guns

What about guns?

Any age requirement to own an AR-15 in Missouri?

Open carry, anyone?

How do you verify a 16 year old’s age?

I dunno, maybe ask Matt Gaetz (r)?

The dude who ran from the Capitol attack like scared child wants to tell 15 year-olds they can’t be on tiktok or a Facebook. What a waste of time.

This is a waste of time since it’s unenforceable.

Thank God you’re doing this rather than making healthcare affordable.

Anything on mass murders of children in America?

An age requirement for social media, but no age requirement for open carrying guns. Do I have that right ?


Life of a 15 year old “girl” , or kid as Hawley refers to them, in MO. You’ll be able to carry a gun in public, get pregnant and be forced to carry your child whether it’s good for you or not, BUT you can’t sign up for Social Media.

Got it. The Puritan party in its glory.


In Missouri you can open carry a gun unsupervised at age 6 or 5 cause there is no minimum age. Your mom dad can force you to marry at 15. You are forced to carry a baby as a little girl in MO even if you are raped by your dad brother Uncle Bill but no social media till 16

That appears to be the plan.

At fifteen you can be forced to have a child. Tell me more about protecting children.

So according to Republicans a 15 year old teenage girl can’t be trusted to have a Facebook or TikTok account but they can be forced to carry a rape or incest pregnancy to term?

Very productive, Josh.

Instead of protecting them from gun violence, set an age limit for social media.

It’s not as if kids everywhere won’t just put in a different birthday.


Wait – a 16 year old isn’t mature enough to have a social media account, but Republican legislators in your state just voted to protect a 4 year old’s right to have a firearm without a parent’s supervision?

This isn’t even enforceable. Congratulations on proposing nothing but performative legislation.

Social media doesn’t kill people, guns kill people, remember?

We see what you did there.