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Josh Hawley (r) [2016 file photo].

Someone’s being looking at polling data.


Josh Hawley @HawleyMO
Politicians in both parties should quit using Social Security and Medicare as bargaining chips. I’m introducing legislation to exempt both programs from the debt ceiling. No more scare tactics
10:26 AM · Jan 31, 2023

Lame sleight of hand there, Josh.

Only one party wants to gut Social Security and Medicare. Yours.

Some of the responses:



I’d like this tweet more if it didn’t come from a treasonous piece of shit.

You want to make an already non-discretionary part of the budget more non-discretionary?

Cuz when things get scary, you run away. Low hanging fruuuuuiiiitttt!!!!

Sounds like the GOP realizes their plan backfired on them.

Polling probably says…yep.

But not from Privatization?


Social Security is already exempt. It’s not part of the same structure. LEARN YOUR JOB, DUDE.

For a second I read “politicians in both parties should quit using social media.”

I’m pretty sure only one party has talked about reducing or eliminating Social Security…its not both parties

Josh…Hawley.. ah yes, supported trump election lies, right.

“…fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

Are you leaving the Republican party? Because its stated goal is to punish the poor and give more tax cuts to the super rich.

Afflict the afflicted, comfort the comfortable.

The right is using it as a bargaining chip Josh…

Who are you and what have you done with the real Josh Hawley?

It’s called “gaslighting”.

You should repeal the trump tax cuts. Proven to be a terrible idea that the country can’t afford.

Wait until you find out about they did to us proles in that one.

Excuse me but YOUR party are the ones that call SS an entitlement and have talked about upping the age requirement in order to receive the benefits we are legitimately owed.

Social Security operates independently from the rest of the federal government, with dedicated funding sources and long-term commitments that are not subject to the annual budget process.[….]

Dude you’ll never be president

Trying to sound like a reasonable insurrectionist? Still a grifter and a Maga traitor

“It’s a trap!”

These 2 programs should never be on the bargaining table. We have worked all our lives and its our money weve put into SS. you would be stealing from us if you deal with it to get something else. It should never be taxed either!

Both parties? Seems like you guys realized what a third rail issue that became despite running on it in the last election cycle. But now you’re being consistently hypocritical (oxymoron)

Oh, sweetie. “Both” parties aren’t doing this. YOURS is the one that brought it up.

More posturing and no budget from you GOP clowns. Put up the budget Josh.

Corrupt, lying seditionist says What????

There is only one party that consistently threatens Social Security and Medicare cuts. Look in the mirror!

Both parties? Please!!!

So when Republicans say they’re scrapping it,Dems say no and that’s Dems being political? They should just stay quiet? Really

I don’t see Democrats who want to take away our Social Security and Medicare. That’s a republican thing. And it’s why republicans will lose.

It’s the Republican party who is using Social Security and Medicare as LEVERAGE. Cruz said the word leverage out loud. Hold him and McCarthy accountable. Stop blaming both parties for a Republican failure. Stop running away from the real problem again.

Too little, too late. YOU supported the insurrection. Traitor.

It’s just you guys. Stop lying.

Josh is just Joshing with you.

Dude, introduce legislation to get rid of the debt ceiling. It’s useless.

Is this a parody account? Did someone steal your phone?

Why the hell would any funding be related in any way to paying on past accrued debt?

We have no choice but to pay our past commitments.

Future spending is separate, and can be addressed in funding legislation.

Why do you hate clean bills so much?

Then can you clarify your stance on the 30% tax rate for middle class Americans?


Geez. That’s great. I am pretty sure Social Security is not part of the national debt. I don’t trust you. Never will.

Both parties?
If people are scared by what the Dems are saying ant SS it’s bc it’s true. Which Democrats are talking about cutting back or privatizing SS? It’s all your miserable team.
How abt your team just not holding US debt hostage?

Social Security & Medicare do not contribute to the national debt, so when Republicans threaten to cut “entitlements” to reduce govt spending, it’s a lie. Republicans also threaten a govt shutdown over debt ceiling which halts SS & Medicare payments. Explain ‘exempting’. [….]

Your account has been hacked.

It’s gaslighting.

OK, who hacked Josh’s Twitter account?

You aren’t trustworthy so we assume you are grifting.

Way to use both parties to once again attempt to level the playing field after your party consistently looks for ways to cut these programs. Just like both parties were responsible for Jan 6, or for Charlottesville, or for disenfranchising voters, etc.

That’s how gaslighting works.

Your party has opposed Social Security from its enactment. The dream of the party has been to cut taxes to starve government and “reform” Social Security to “save” it for the last 43 years.