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If only you had waited for 24 hours, Eric (r).

Eric Schmitt (r) [2022 file photo].

On Tuesday:

Eric Schmitt @Eric_Schmitt
Setting the over/under on classified documents “discovered” at one of Joe Biden’s houses this week at 6.

What do ya got?
11:56 AM · Jan 23, 2023

What do ya got? A really unserious junior senator.

Some of the responses:

Setting the over/under on classified documents discovered on Trump properties if given the same level of access as Biden is giving the DOJ at 1200.

What do ya got?


With or without obstruction charges? Both are egregious but one ex president really went the extra mile.

I’d rather you resign so we can have a more serious person representing Missouri in the U.S. Senate.

Well I got the fact that when Trump had hundreds of documents and willfully kept them your response was dismantle the government.

There’s that.

According to trump it’s ok to do this so don’t complain.

Nothing compared to the HUNDREDS of docs in Trump’s possession. Guess you are too busy spreading crap than doing your job

Why have you never once mentioned the hundreds of classified documents taken by your Orange god?? #Hypocrisy

We should set an over/under on you getting a second term. That’s something that I’d place a bet on.

Way less than your cult leader.

Were you upset when stolen top secret documents were found at trumpo’s home? If you didn’t say anything then, sit down and shut up. Effing hypocrite.

Another useless Senator from Missouri is what I got.

Well, the other one lives in Virginia.

I got an embarrassing senator…

Do you ever do anything constructive or how about some work for Missourians, no you just spend your time trying to stir up hate fear and anger

I raise you discovery at Mike Pence!

Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner!

Save this tweet [….]


Probably about the same number that they found in Pence’s house.

You’re fucking hilarious!

Maybe wasting time playing on Twitter wasn’t why taxpayers voted for you.

How about you stop embarrassing us in Missouri for once. Just shut your damn mouth. Where was your outrage over Trump’s classified docs?

Or Mike Pence (r)?

To be a fly on Mike Pence’s (r) hair helmet.


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