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On the road to defunding public education:

Darin Chappell @DKChappell
I’ve heard the arguments, and examined the data. I am convinced it is time for school choice in Missouri.

No child should be confined to a failing school simply because of his/her zip code. The only decision makers for where a child should be educated are the parents.
12:05 AM · Dec 31, 2022

Some of the responses:

Care to share the data, Darin? I’d love to see it.

Defund public schools, transfer the money to private interests, profit!

I like how easily “school choice” proponents concede to failing schools instead of working to make them better schools.
An F U to the kids that remain at those schools

Fun fact Missouri schools would not be failing if the MO GOP hadn’t been systematically working to defund public education for the last 20+ years.

Dude, you did no research.

Your words do nothing but repeat what the Koch driven school choice people say.

“School Choice” will always be for those that can afford it. Prove me wrong.

You’ve examined the data?

Please share all of it specifically.

Have you really examined the data? If you had, you would see it shows school choice mainly just ends up giving public money to families who are already in private schools. Private schools also don’t do any better academically than public schools when you adjust for income.

If you don’t live in a metropolitan area, where’s the choice?

Wouldn’t be any failing schools if MO would properly fund them.

I see you have the nice Republican/DeVos talking point. Show the data.

Are you for removing tax money from the state to give to private schools that only accept certain students?

That’s how it’s designed to work.

You clearly have NOT examined the data, and I’m skeptical you’ve listened to anyone who opposes the destruction of public education.

Standard conservative policy: starve a public service to the point of failure, point at the system you broke and say “See? It’s broken! Public services don’t work!” then divert the funds to a private model that delivers greater inequality and (bonus!) religious indoctrination.

We have open enrollment available. Also, who will transport students? That costs a lot of money. What about students with disabilities? Private and charter schools don’t have to accept all students. Sit in a classroom all day.

I would also like to see the data. How are we suppose to support an idea or even debate an idea without evidence?

Please share the data. I’ll compare it with the level of funding over the years and see if there’s any correlation. If true, then I would argue that politicians intentionally sabotaged our schools as part of a larger agenda of re-routing public funds to private institutions.

Share the data, please.

We rank 49th in school funding. Can you imagine what we could do if we actually funded our schools and educators?

So shouldn’t the school receive more funding to fix problems rather than abandoning it?

more adequate | fixed it for you

You want tax dollars to go into the pockets of your rich friends that own private schools, just say it out loud already.


If schools are failing, you’re responsible. The teachers and administrators of any school wants a quality education for all of their students. You have failed to give them the resources to do the job.

There’s that.

“I’ve heard the arguments, and examined the data”, you mean you’ve had your pockets lined? What data are you referring to? FUND PUBLIC SCHOOLS! Missouri is 49th in teacher pay, we have a 6.3 billion dollar surplus. There are NO excuses. FUND OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS.

“I don’t mind condemning disadvantaged people under the guise of helping the “right” people.” Sure friend, sure.

Exactly this.

Maybe you should try equitably funding school districts instead of using “school choice” as a crutch for failed Republican policies.

Try using your 20 year GOP Supermajority in Missouri to improve public education instead of destroying it.

They have a plan.

It’s kinda hard for public schools to succeed when states continue to underfund schools and underfund teachers but I know that the long game here!!Its amazing old white conservative so called Christians want to take it back to 1830!

The arguments and data that exist only in your head.

So you don’t care if the schools in Rogersville close? With over 2000 kids that would likely devastate the local economy. As long as you get campaign money though, right?

It’s a scam. Attempting to drive public schools into privatization.


So you’ll write a law to ensure private schools can not charge any amount beyond what the government will pay? Sounds great!

No profit. Not gonna happen.

You made this up. Research shows that public schools offer the best education, are more transparent to parents and provide a sense of community. You’re a charter shill.

School choice doesn’t fix problems. It does absolutely nothing to address why schools are having problems. Terrible policy for lawmakers to take up.

Nope that means the school gets to choose the students.

If you’re a family of 4 living on $32,000/year living north of Rogersville on hwy B, what choice do you have?

1/ I have heard the arguments & examined the data. I’m convinced its time for the state to average the state & local per pupil spending in the 5 highest performing districts in the state & state fund every public district that same combined amt. Put that $6 billion to good use

Public Schools were setup so all ppl regardless of class can attend What is taught there is to be neutral as possible We pay taxes for the whole of society just like infrastructure
If you want something else you pay for it out of pocket This should be the end of that conversation

Curious as to how much in campaign contributions Herzog donated to you?

They didn’t have to, he ran unopposed:

Election Results
Official Election Returns
State of Missouri – General Election, November 08, 2022, Tuesday, November 8, 2022
As announced by the Board of State Canvassers on Friday, December 9, 2022

State Representative – District 137 (15 of 15 Precincts Reported)

Darin Chappell Republican 13,708 100.0%
Total Votes 13,708

Also, as a “Conservative Constitutionalist,” what are your feelings on the 3/5 Compromise? Time to bring it back, or does your constitutionalist conservatism only go so far? On that tip: Care to *define* “conservative constitutionalism?” Can you do so using specifics?

Have you considered… I don’t know… funding schools? Like where were you educated?

Heh. Because I are an education expert

So your solution, instead of improving schools, is to take away money from “bad” schools, which are “bad” because they’re already underfunded. For example Kirkwood has the “best” school. Average home value is over 400k. Ranked 100th is aurora R8 where the values are under 200k

So we should follow along cause another MoGOPer says they examined the data? Was the data the amount private companies will make per pupil?


Invest in schools, it is the most efficient and effective way to save and improve public education. Choice takes resources away from many to help a few. Robbing from the needy to help the rich. #SchoolChoice is a failed program.

So the GOP approach to “starve the beast and it will die” approach to eliminate public schools is working it seems.

That’s their plan.

Twenty years of GOP budget cuts on the necks of our kids is the origin. Let’s equalize school fu[n]ding across zip codes then and allow local schools to compete. But then again, that’s not your intent, is it?

Since ‘choice’ is the key word…they will ‘select’ only the best which allows them to look successful…behavior, slower learners, special education students will be not be selected.
The actual purpose is to fund parents that select private and religious schools!

That’s their plan.

What data did you examine? Care to share? Also, what choices do sparsely populated areas have?

So quick question, when parents opt out and go to a “choice” school. Is a bus provided? Before care/ after care? Do you know who will be left behind? Those without the means to get to the “choice” schools.


The data shows that more school funding (and family affluence) contributes to better educational achievement. The answer is to assure ALL schools are adequately funded.

Wow. No hope from you for improving public education in underserved areas? No wonder Missouri has a reputation of being a backwater hell hole. Lazy representatives.

“School Choice” is the “Right to Work” of the “Contract With America” #MObullshit


What a bunch of BS! No taxpayer money should be used for private schools. That is just another means of segregation! Public schools would be better funded if they were a priority, but you only want to educate those that a few legislators think are worthy instead of everyone.

You’re an idiot if you think this gaslighting works!

Please cite the “data”. Otherwise your comments are just more moronic drivel. Your opinions are NOT facts.